June 22, 2011


          SB's exuberance over helping hubby celebrate "Daddy's Day" was so adorable! She really got into it. We went to the pottery studio where we held her last birthday party, and picked out a few items for her to paint.
          First up was a travel mug. SB selected the colors and brushes/sponges. Then she went to town. I simply held the mug still and angled so it was easier for her to get to. She wanted to put her handprint on it, so we did that, too. Actually, both of them. Topped it off with her name and the words, "Happy Daddy's Day!"
          For the next item, a display tile, the store owner helped us transform SB's footprint into a Florida Gator. You see, we are a big time Gator family. Hubby went to school there, and I am an enthusiastic Gator by marriage. We are raising her in the proud tradition. See?
          SB literally gasped when I showed her these finished pieces. She could not wait to give them to hubby. Sunday morning, after attempting to keep her busy so he could sleep in, we made him coffee in his new mug, and took it to him in bed.
          She rushed into the room and shouted, "Happy Daddy's Day!" carrying a gift bag and her card for him. It was seriously adorable. They hung out while I made a breakfast of french toast, turkey bacon and strawberries.
          Following an afternoon at the pool, we all cleaned up and headed out for dinner at Outback Steakhouse, hubby's request. SB insisted on wearing her Easter dress to dinner. And afterwards, she got to feed ducks for the very first time:
          It was a very good day.
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