June 17, 2011

Evolution of a bump

          I didn't start blogging until after SB's first birthday. So I have never shared pregnancy stories or photos. But one of my favorite bloggers is hosting a Rockin' the Bump link up, so I decided to join in. Here's a retrospective on the evolution of my baby bump:

Bump on the way! - Mother's Day 2008 
Barely There Bump - July 2008
Key West Sunset Bump - August 2008
Suntan Baby Bump - September 2008
Wedding Baby Bump - October 2008
No bump in back (phew!) - November 2008
My 40th B-Day Party Bump - November 2008
How much bigger will it get bump? - December 2008
Dog hides bump (but not how swollen I am) - December 2008
Last pic of the bump before delivery - December 30, 2008
SB was born at 5:05 PM that evening!

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