June 13, 2011

The cuteness

          SB is in a seriously cute stage right now. There is not a day that goes by the hubby and I don't look at each other and go, "Awwww!" Her imagination has exploded. She cracks us up on a regular basis, too. Here are a few examples:

  • Currently, one of SB's favorite books is Oh My Oh My Oh, Dinosaurs! Or, as she calls it, "Oh why oh why dinewhores book." We read it many times a day. On the first page, the dinosaurs are at a birthday party, and they all have balloons. SB always points to the "pink boon." The other night, hubby asked her if she wanted it, and she said yes. So he pretended to take it off the page and tie it to her finger. She was mesmerized. She sat holding her finger out looking up at the air for forever. Then she insisted he call me upstairs to see it. (He did not do the best job of explaining to me what was going on. LOL)
  • SB loves to play hide and seek. I've been teaching her to cover her eyes and count to ten before coming to look for me. The other day, she did that and then said, "Ready or not, here I come." Which I had never tried to get her to say, but had been saying myself. She ran down the hall in the direction she had seen me go. And found me pretty quickly, too, because I could not stop laughing.
  • Hubby was sick recently, and was in bed with a fever. I was trying to keep SB out of the bedroom so he could rest, and so she was not exposed to his funk. But she got in there, went up to him and felt his forehead. She said, "Daddy hot, wawa." I guess she had heard me telling him to drink plenty of fluids. She then went and got her doctor's kit so she could give him an exam.
  • I was recently bitten by a small dog several times in my thighs. (Yes, that hurts a lot.) SB was very concerned about me, and insisted on giving me some of her "Dee Dee boo boos." Those are her special Dora the Explorer bandaids. Every time she sees the wounds on my legs she says, "Ruff ruff hurt Mommy." 

          I think that's enough for now. Don't want to kill you with cuteness! You get the picture. These are good times right now. I'm loving it!
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