May 20, 2011

Talk, talk

          Now that SB is talking, hubby and I have noticed she has a distinct Southern accent. This perplexed us, because neither of us does. It was a mystery at first where she would be picking one up.
          I was raised in the Midwest and my parents are originally from California. I have no distinguishable accent. Hubby grew up in Florida with a mom from Alabama and a dad from Rhode Island. They apparently cancelled each other out, because he does not have any noticeable accent either.
          One day recently I was talking to one of SB's speech therapists about her progress. And it hit me. Miss Ria (as the kids call her, short for Maria) has a very strong Southern accent. The classic drawl. I started to laugh out loud, which I'm sure she thought was strange.
          I told her we were picking up a Southern accent in SB's speech, particularly when she says the letters i, j and k. Then it was Miss Ria's turn to laugh. Apparently, this is not new to her.
          She told me how years ago her husband got a job in Connecticut. She planned to practice speech therapy, but did not receive the warmest of welcomes from the people there. She described their reaction to her as, "YOU'RE going to teach my child to speak?!"
          With everything we have been through with SB's speech, I don't care if she picks up a Russian accent. I just love hearing her talk. She has the sweetest voice, and it has been so exciting to watch her develop her verbal skills, especially considering how hard she has worked to do so.
          Now, if I suddenly pick up a Southern accent, this will be cause for concern!
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