May 30, 2011

SB's new "Do"

          OK, so I know the suspense has been killing you. SB's hair. We did get it cut on Friday. A summer bob. It is adorable. She had a lot of fun. And Daddy? Let out a massive, "Awww!" when he first saw it.

Getting ready to say goodbye to some hair:
Here we go:
She had a lot of fun playing with her hair as it was cut off:
Her first ever blow dry:
She picked out some purple butterfly clips:
And here is the finished product:
Not a hint of my baby left. *sigh*

          Speaking of cuts, on Thursday I took Operation Bye Bye Binky to Phase 2. I cut SB's Binky and left it under her pillow. When it was time for her to take her nap, she got in bed, grabbed the Binky, put it in her mouth, and got a very strange look on her face.

"Mommy, boo beebee yaya baba!"

          Allow me to translate. That's "Blue Binky is broken." And hubby and I heard this countless times. Anyone who was in the vicinity of our daughter over the next few days heard about how her Binky was broken.
          We told her we were sorry, and that she could still have her Binky, even if it was broken. And she did try to suck on it. She carried it around a lot. She kept wanting to give it a bath, as if that would fix it.
          I almost had a heart attack that first night when it was bedtime. I could not find SB's Miss Kitty security blanket anywhere. I thought, "NO way! Not on the first night w/out a Binky!"
          I found it in the garage after a frantic search. She'd apparently discarded it to play with Daddy's bike pump. The child can't sleep without it, but she can leave it on the floor of the garage.
          There were some tears. A fair amount of whining. One extremely difficult day that tested me to my limits, during which I was tempted to pull out an intact Binky, but did not.
          It was touch and go there for a bit, but I think we have come through this in pretty good shape. By Night #3, she was going to bed with no drama. And sleeping through the night.
          However, she has only napped two out of the last four days. But, she was skipping naps before I took the Binky away, so...
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