May 2, 2011

Mommy Enemy #1

          When I was growing up, my mom never allowed sugary treats in the house. She would occasionally buy us some Ding Dongs or Twinkies or Oreos. Very occasionally. Forget about sugary cereal. That was a huge no, no.
          Desserts were for special occasions only. And they were homemade. Mom made cakes from scratch. With the best chocolate icing on the planet. I lived for special occasions. And searched the house for sweets in vain on a regular basis, thinking she might have a secret stash somewhere. She didn't.
          I begged. I pleaded. I yelled at her that she was, "not cool," because all my friends' moms let them have those treats in their homes and more. Of course, I thought of that as the ultimate insult at the time. It was frustrating. I just could not understand why she was so opposed.
          Now? I realize my mom knew something I have only recently learned. Sugar is evil. It makes kids go CRAZY! Seriously, it turns them into wild, demon-possessed creatures.
          The first time SB had sugar was at her first birthday party. We did the usual give-the-baby-some-cake-and-watch-her-make-a-mess routine. And then watched as she bounced off the walls for the next couple of hours.
          She was too young for candy her first Halloween, and too sick to trick or treat her second. So we dodged that bullet. But she was old enough and perfectly healthy when it was time for the Easter Bunny to arrive this year.
          I bought a sugar-free chocolate bunny for her Easter basket, and jelly beans made from fruit juice. Still had plenty of sugar in them. And by Tuesday, I had decided they would simply disappear. My child's behavior was out of control.
          We allow SB to have occasional sweets. I'm not going to go quite to my mom's extreme. I believe in finding a happy medium. But I do work to limit SB's sugar intake. I don't like what it does to her, and it has no nutritional value.
          How do you handle sweets with your kids?
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