May 6, 2011


          My gut told me this was it. But I had been wrong so many times before. So I waited until I was more than a week late. I set the test on the vanity, intending to take it first thing in the morning.
          I woke around 3 AM needing to use the bathroom. The test was there, so I decided to go ahead. It was instantly positive. Two dark, pink lines appeared, leaving no doubt this really was it.
          I cleaned up the test stick and went back to bed, placing it this time on the bedside table. When hubby and I both awoke the next morning, he turned to me and said, "Good morning." I handed him the test stick and replied, "I think you should wish me a Happy Mother's Day, because I'm going to be one!"
        It was Mother's Day, 2008. The day we found out SB was on her way. So it will always be special to me for more than one reason.
          Wishing all my mom friends a wonderful Mother's Day!

I have been invited to join a new community for moms over 40. I was thrilled to become part of this special sorority of moms. It was recently reported that the only age group of women which showed a rise in the birthrate was women over 40. Watch a special video, and learn more about this new community, which officially launches Sunday, here.
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