May 16, 2011

In sickness and in health

          Since my hubby and I met in 2005, I have had five female-related medical procedures/surgeries. The poor man has learned more about the female body than any male of the species would ever want to know.
          He's seen pictures of the inside of my uterus, pictures of the outside of my uterus, and depending on how much he saw during SB's C-section delivery (and he's not telling), possibly my actual uterus.
          Through it all, he has become an expert at nursing me back to health. He says he hates to see me in pain, especially when he can do nothing about it. But I think he does a whole lot.
          On Friday, I had my most recent procedure. And hubby was by my side as usual. He took excellent care of me. He kept track of my pill schedule, and never let me miss a dose (or take too much). He made sure I stayed hydrated and worked to make me as comfortable as possible.
          When your hubby is holding the trash can you are vomiting into with one hand and your hair back with the other, all while making sure your two year old does not see, you know he's a keeper.
          That's right, this time around, hubby had an extra task while I was recovering. He not only had to care for me, he had to be in charge of SB's supervision. My mom spent the day Friday with us to help out. Saturday he was completely on his own.
          After two days of playing Mr. Mom, I asked hubby how he liked being me. "It's been exhausting," he exclaimed. He described caring for SB full time as, "difficult," and "requiring a great deal of patience and restraint."
          This I know. Thank you, sweetie, for taking such good care of both of us!

If you missed my big news thanks to the massive Blogger failure last week, be sure to check it out!

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