May 18, 2011

Getting creative

          Monday was a beautiful day here in NE Florida. When SB woke from her nap, I took her outside on our deck to play. I was still in recovery mode, and not quite up to a trip to the park, but wanted us both to get some fresh air.
          It was not warm enough (for a change) for SB's favorite activity, water play. But she still wanted to bring out the noodles hubby bought her over the weekend.
          No, not pasta. I'm talking about those long, skinny foam things that miraculously hold you up in the pool. We didn't have a pool, so I tried to get creative in thinking of ways we could enjoy them.
  • We had a sword fight with them.
  • We used them like jump ropes.
  • We rode them like horses.
  • We hit a ball around the deck with them.
  • We turned them in to hats.
          That's right, hats! This is the next big thing, y'all. Noodle hats. I'm surprised we did not see any at the Royal Wedding. They're fab! See?

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