April 18, 2011

Still my baby

          We're dealing with a bit of regression on SB's part right now. She seems to be going through a baby phase. Instead of asserting her independence at every turn, she suddenly wants me to do everything for her.
          She wants me to carry her around like a baby and rock her. She insists I feed her, and will not eat unless I do so. When playing, she wants me to do things she is able to do herself. And forget about the potty; her most recent show of interest is over!
          It has been quite frustrating for me. I mean, I don't want her to grow up too fast. It can be scary and sad to see how quickly your child becomes independent of you. But it can also be nice when she learns to do certain things on her own.
          Another issue we've been having is that SB is all about Mommy. She wants me all the time. She has regularly been rejecting my husband. This hurts his feelings and puts a tremendous burden on me.
          At times when she's been sick, and during the bed transition, we gave in to it a bit. But we have been insisting hubby continue with his normal practices, like giving SB her bath and putting her to bed.
          I have also suggested they have special time together on the weekends. Either I will leave the house, or they will go on an outing together. This is a win-win as far as I see it. Gives me a break and them time alone together.
          I was a bit perplexed about all this until I went on Twitter and heard from lots of other moms that their kids went through it around the same age, and it is totally normal. Many asked if we'd had any significant changes lately, or I was expecting another baby.
          The answer to the latter question is, "Absolutely not!" But we did just transition SB to her big girl bed. The transition was not altogether easy. She's sleeping well now and we are back to our routine, so I imagine things will return to normal again soon and I'll be frustrated by SB fighting me on Every.Little.Thing. That? Is parenthood!
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