April 13, 2011

A room of her own

          On Monday I showed you the centerpiece of SB's new room - the big girl bed. But there is much more to it than that, and SB doesn't just sleep in her room. She loves to read books. She's great at puzzles. She has lots of stuffed animals.
          The window valance is new, but I got to keep the wall decals. The transition from nursery to big girl room was not simply an "out with the old, in with the new" kind of thing. The crib is now a bed. The changing table is now a dresser. No, SB is not fully potty trained yet. But she is way too big for the changing table at this point.
          I did plan to get rid of the jungle toy in the corner. We have had it since SB was around 6 months old. But she insisted it stay, and continues to play with it every day. We have also heard its music in the middle of the night, when she has clearly gotten out of bed and is wandering around her room.
          The Winnie the Pooh chair remains, though the stuffed animals use it more than SB does. The Elmo table and chairs were in our room before. (It would freak me out to see those eyes staring at me from the corner.) Now, the glider and ottoman are in our room, and we have a lovely reading corner of our own.
          Speaking of reading, SB loves to flip through books. We have a Florida pillow she is fond of, and she likes to lean up against the wall, pulling all the books from her box:
          We also read to her day and night. She can't get enough of books. We visit the library about every two weeks to get a fresh batch. That is as much for my hubby and I as it is for SB.
          I'm really happy with the way the room turned out. I think it is a great kid's room, one SB will enjoy for years to come. And there are some special, personal touches. On Friday, I will reveal the results of our art project!
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