April 25, 2011

One of those days

          We all have bad days. I had been fortunate not to really have one in a long time. I guess I was due. So last Friday, I paid the piper. And had one of *those* days, the likes of which I hope will hold me for a while.
          We were on our way home from our first family vacation, driving the length of Florida from the SW corner to the far NE reaches of the state. After driving through a major traffic jam caused by an accident, we pulled over for some gas, a potty stop and to let SB run around a bit. We still had a long way to go.
          There was a souvenir shop next to the gas station, and SB saw, "Mee Mee," which is what she calls Minnie Mouse. We went in to find her a little something. One classic toddler tantrum later, we walked out with a refrigerator magnet and a small plastic cup. And that was a victory.
          SB wanted to drink out of the cup right away, so I went to the car to get a wipe and her apple juice. And proceeded to lock the keys in the car. With everything in it, save hubby, myself, SB and her souvenirs.
          Had I not been holding SB in my arms, I'm sure my reaction would have been much different. Even so, I did let an F-bomb or two fly. As in, "OH MY EFFING GAWD, WHAT DID I JUST DO?!" First time in my life it has ever happened.
          Our only saving grace was that hubby had his iPhone in his pocket. As I sat on the curb with SB trying not to cry, he calmly searched for locksmiths in the area. Don't get me wrong; he was steaming. But, as he said to me once we got back on the road, "There's nothing I can say to you that you haven't already said to yourself."
          We were in Basically Nowhere, FL at this point. Between Tampa and Orlando on I-4. Hubby was told it would be an hour or so before anyone could get to us. The good news was the locksmith services would be covered by our insurance company's roadside assistance plan.
          So now I have to figure out how to entertain a 2 year old for at least an hour. And I've got nothing with me to help. I look around, and see a Western gear store across from the souvenir shop. In we go, and SB freaks around having a blast.
          This is all good until I look at a few of the price tags, and see the boots cost upwards of $300-400 dollars each, and the cheapest cowboy hat is $50. It was about that time that my hubby mentions there is a pizza place next door. We figure we might as well eat, so we won't have to stop again once we get back on the road.
          And then it was The Witching Hour. You know, the time of day, every day, that your toddler goes berserk? I did not need hubby to look at his phone to see what time it was. I knew. It was right around 5 o'clock (turned out it was 5:10).
          When hubby asked me what I wanted to eat, I told him I was too sick to my stomach for food. It took everything I had to hold myself together. SB was being obnoxious, standing on the booth seat and screaming for the bubble gum machine across the room.
          The temperature inside the restaurant was about 400 degrees. Hubby wasn't talking. I wasn't talking. Things were tense. When his phone rang, we both jumped. It was the locksmith. He was at the car. It had been less than 40 minutes.
          It took him all of two seconds to open the car door. We finished our food and got back on the road. It was my turn to drive, but hubby wasn't sure I was up for it. He described me as being, "a bit out of sorts." I spit, "I'm fine!" at him through gritted teeth and got into the driver's seat.
          The remainder of the trip was uneventful. SB was drowsy and happy to watch some of her favorite shows on hubby's iPad. Thanks to our delay, we had missed the worst of the Friday rush hour in Orlando. And, our neighbor took our dog to his house, so we didn't have to worry about getting home so late.
           The vacation? Awesome! The ending? Not so much. But all's well that ends well. I told hubby we will look back at this experience and laugh someday. He grumbled back, "I doubt it." But, if my parents can laugh about the time our luggage flew off the top of the car in the desert, and our belongings were spread out along the side of the highway for miles, we can have a sense of humor about this.
          We might not be getting back on the road anytime soon, however.
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