April 11, 2011

Elephants and giraffes and monkeys, oh my!

          Well, the transition is complete. SB is sleeping in a big girl bed. We had a rough first week, and we all had dark circles under our eyes, including my poor little toddler. But, as my hubby pointed out, the only thing she had ever known was a crib. This was, as one might say, a B.F.D.
          As you may have picked up from the post title, I decided to stay with the jungle theme. SB loves animals, and I wanted to be able to use some of the things from her nursery. I found an awesome bed set, and she loves it! So, without further ado, here is the Big Girl Bed:

          Yes, that is a full size adult bed. The crib converted to a toddler bed, but there was no point in bothering with that step. SB was too big for it. Next conversion was to an adult bed. So we went for it. And while SB took up most of her crib, she's got plenty of room to grow here:
          But having let SB sleep in our bed upon occasion, I have come to realize the child is like a Mexican jumping bean in her sleep. So this is about the right amount of space for her. Plus, when she is sick or otherwise having issues, one of us can be in her bed with her. To keep her from falling out, we have rails that fold down by day but can be locked in place when needed:
          The only way SB will sleep in this bed is if she can be on top of the comforter. She wants to see the animals. For now, since the weather is getting warm, we're going with it. Come winter we will need to try to get her to sleep under the covers!
          Of course, as many parents know, those rails may keep her from falling, but they won't keep her OUT of the bed entirely. If she wants out, she will get out. Which is why we are thrilled the previous owners of our house installed this:
          This dutch door locks from the outside, keeping SB safely in her room at night. We also keep the gate at the top of the stairs locked (you can see it poking out from the top of the door) as an extra layer of protection. I don't need her navigating stairs at 2AM. It's hard enough for me to do so!
          I have tons more photos; there is more to her new room than the bed. But I think this is enough for one blog post. I'll post more throughout this week so you can get the whole picture. Stay tuned!
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