April 8, 2011

The blogging conundrum

          Wednesday as I was preparing to shut my laptop and go to bed, it occurred to me that my one year blogoversary should be coming up. I quickly looked up my first post and saw that today is in fact THE day. Should I celebrate?
          I'm not sure how I feel about my first year of blogging. As I wrote recently, I have not achieved the original goal for starting this blog. It's not even the same blog at this point. It has evolved and moved far away my original intentions.
          How do you measure the value of a blog? If you look purely at the stats, I have not been very successful. I have a modest number of followers, and only a portion of them regularly read my blog. I don't get tons of comments. Or visits. Is that what matters?
          Through blogging, I have connected with so many wonderful people. Writers who understand my struggle and support me. They challenge me and help me become better at my craft.
          By blogging about the joys and frustrations of motherhood, I have connected with many amazing moms. Their support and understanding gets me through each day. I know I can count on them for advice, reinforcement, friendship.
          But the best part about blogging is also one of its biggest challenges. The more connections I make, the more blogs there are to read. I simply do not have time to keep up with all of them. Even the ones I love.
          This is especially true since I launched the Take the Pledge Campaign. Which has connected me to even more wonderful bloggers. I feel an obligation to follow as many as possible, particularly the ones who are so supportive of me. But then I tend to become a follower in name only.
        This makes me feel guilty, because I am not being a good blog friend. I want to support all the wonderful bloggers I've connected with, but how? How can I get around to all of them while managing two blogs, two Twitter accounts, two Facebook pages? And raise my little girl? She has to be my top priority. Always.
          I don't have a solution. I have found I am most likely to read a blog when I have subscribed via email. I receive a convenient reminder in my inbox whenever there is a new post, and all I have to do is click on the included link. That makes it far easier. So I will try to go back to my favorite blogs and utilize that option when available.
          I've never really struggled with time management. It's always been something I was very good at. And I have always had many balls in the air at one time. But motherhood has changed everything, and I find I never feel I have anything under control.
          I know I am not alone. Many of you are busy, too. No, all of you are. And some of you are able to manage this conundrum very well. How do you do it? What are your secrets? Do you suffer from the guilt? Do you struggle to keep up?

Note: I have another reason to celebrate today. Amber over at Sanity's Overrated has given me the Versatile Blogger Award! While I have received this once before, I am honored any time someone feels I am worthy of recognition. Thank you so much! You can read the seven things about me from my old post. I will need to come up with a new list of 15 awesome bloggers when I have a little more time...
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