March 4, 2011

What's on my nightstand

This post is in response to Adventuroo's new meme, Capture the Everyday

I can't have anything on my nightstand. I have a toddler. Anything I leave within her reach is in peril.

She has not messed with the lamp much, but she will grab the monitor and run. If it is attached to the cord that plugs it into the wall, trouble will result.

My husband often complains our home looks like a hotel. He does not mean that in a good way. He is referring to the fact that it is devoid of almost all personal things.

This nightstand is basically like every other surface in our home within reach of SB. And, since she is freakishly tall, that would be most surfaces.

When we got a new kitchen table in a highboy design, we were all excited to finally have a place we could put things where SB could not reach them. That lasted all of two weeks.

Our dining room is gated off and a child-free zone. It was either that, or take everything out of there. So the dining room table is where things tend to end up that we want quick access to but need to keep away from SB.

While I miss having things on my nightstand within my reach, I do sort of like our clutter-free existence. Makes the gathering dust more obvious, though.

It won't last forever.

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