March 2, 2011


          SB spent the first year of her life sleeping in our bedroom. Her crib was in there, along with the changing table, glider and ottoman. We chose those arrangements because the room that would eventually become hers was upstairs and I was nursing.
          It was far easier to shuffle across the room in my sleep deprived haze, pick her up out of her crib and plop in the glider. I did not trust myself in that state to try to navigate stairs. Let alone, when she got a little older, safety gates at the top and bottom.
          Once SB could sit up on her own, we turned the guest room into her playroom. And after she was weaned, it became her nursery. The transition was smooth, and her room remains pretty much the same now. She is still in a crib, basically because she has never tried to get out of it.
          But, at more than three feet tall, my "baby" needs more room. So we are preparing to transition her nursery to a big girl room. We'll be skipping the toddler bed stage and going right to a regular bed.
          I wanted to capture some pics of her nursery before it goes bye bye. Both for her baby book, and to be able to share. I'm posting a few here, and I'll come back with new pics once the transformation is complete.

I am not a, "Blue is for boys, pink is for girls" kind of person. So I chose a gender-neutral jungle theme in green and yellow for SB's nursery. 
We did not use the bumpers when she was an infant, but had to put them up when she got older and kept getting her arms and legs stuck all the time.

No longer used for nursing, the glider is for reading bedtime stories and providing comfort.
Although lately SB prefers to sit with this pillow and "read" to herself.
This was intended to be her reading corner, but it turned in to stuffed animal corner instead.
          It will not entirely be an, "Out with the old, in with the new" kind of transition. Her crib will become a full-sized bed, for example. But I have picked out some really fun new stuff for SB's big girl room. I can't wait for her to see it! And to share with you. Look for pics to come soon!
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