March 7, 2011

Take the Pledge!

          Until recently, I was convinced there was nothing I could do to stop the proliferation of the Mommy Wars over the blogosphere. Then I came up with an idea. It was, in my opinion, a lightening bolt from the blue kind of moment.
          I am excited to introduce you the The Mom Pledge! I'm launching the official campaign two weeks early, due to the overwhelming response. After creating a profile and beginning to follow some Mommy Bloggers on Twitter and Facebook late Thursday night, I was inspired by the positive feedback I received.
          I tweeted that if The Mom Pledge reached 500 followers by the end of the weekend, I would go live with the website today. And then I proceeded to work so hard over the weekend, giving up precious family time, I decided it was launch or bust! Plus, women were very eager to learn more about this Mom Pledge business.
          So, without further ado, let's get the Take the Pledge Campaign started! Click on the button below to learn more...

BWS tips button

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