March 21, 2011

A special project

           Shortly after SB was born, I received this wonderful gift from a good friend. It was the most special, unique gift I received. I loved it. I had all kinds of grand plans about tiny foot and hand prints showing the progression of SB's growth.
          Do you know what happened to those plans? Of course you do. You've probably had plans like that before, too. And they are forgotten or set aside as you get busy with life. The other day, I pulled the box out of a closet and tried to think about what to do with it. And I had a great idea!
          We are preparing to transition SB's room from a nursery to a big girl room. And, the colors of the canvases in the set go perfectly with the bedding I have picked out. On top of that, my girl loves to paint. After the success of her birthday party, I knew exactly what to do.
        I set up all the materials out on our deck, and let SB go nuts. I did not direct her in any way. These are her works of art, for her room. The only thing I did was assist her with making the hand and foot prints. She had a blast. And just look at that concentration:

          I let her paint one canvas at a time, spreading them out over a couple of weeks. Here is one of the completed masterpieces:
          I will show you the rest when I reveal her room...

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