March 23, 2011

Ross' Rad Reads - Noodle Knobs

          OK, I've got a good one for you this month! Parents Ginger and N.C. Winters are the creators of Noodle Knobs. This humorous blog shares the trials and tribulations of raising their son Jackson. Their posts are hilarious, and I can always relate.
          Here is how they describe the blog:

We determined that we couldn’t be the only parents who fall between picture perfect and thoroughly damaged, and thus was born. We think there are more parents like us than are currently represented on the web, so hopefully you’ll recognize you and your little munchkin in the stories of us and ours. Some days we’ll focus on the good, and some days on the bad, but always the WTF and OMG moments of craziness, weirdness, and, oh yeah, love.

          One regular feature is "Quiet, The Adults Are Talking," where The Daddy and The Momma have a conversation about an issue they are currently facing.
          The absolute best part about this blog? The comics included with the posts. OMG, they make me laugh so hard. They are all great, but some of my personal favorites include Potty Mouth, A Perfect Storm and Those Pesky Teeth.
          I'm happy to present this entertaining blog with a Ross' Rad Reads Award! If you want to laugh today, be sure to go check it out!

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