March 28, 2011

Ross' Rad Reads - Kristin Maschka

          Have you ever been reading something, and thought to yourself, "Has this author been spying on me? She's writing about my life!" Have you found yourself talking out loud while reading a book, emphatically agreeing with something the author says?
          That was my experience reading Kristin Maschka's book:
          Having connected with her on Twitter, I found I kept putting my Nook Color down to send her a DM and tell her how much the various parts of her book resonated with me. If you are a mom, I believe you will find you have a similar experience with the latest recipient of the Ross' Rad Reads Award.
          Kristin mixes accounts of her personal experiences with analysis of the ways society views motherhood, and of how we see ourselves. She offers fascinating insight and advice on how we can work to redefine motherhood, and change our lives in positive and satisfying ways. I'll give you a sneak peek by way of the TOC:

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Day the Vomit Hit the Fan
Chapter 1: The Twilight Zone: Or Why Am I the One Getting Up in the Middle of the Night?
Chapter 2: The Mother of All To-Do Lists: Or Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me How Hard This Is?
Chapter 3: Oxygen Masks: Or Why I I at the Bottom of My Own List?
Chapter 4: Identity Whiplash: Or Who Am I Now?
Chapter 5: Baby Vacations: Or What Did I Do All Day?
Chapter 6: I'm a Square Peg: Or Why Doesn't My Job Fit Anymore?
Chapter 7: He's a Square Peg: Or Why Doesn't His Job Fit Anymore?
Chapter 8: Square Pegs Together: Or How Do We Make Our Jobs Fit Together?
Chapter 9: Pits and Privates: Or Why Am I Obsessed with Saving Time?
Chapter 10: That Sinking Feeling: Or Why Do I Feel Financially Vulnerable?
Chapter 11: The Next Wedding: Or What Happened to Our Marriage?
Afterward: Remodeling Motherhood for Ourselves, Our Families and Our Future

          It's an awesome read for any modern mom! I guarantee you will find something to relate to, and to inspire you. And, because I have gotten to know Kristin, she has offered to send a free, autographed copy of her book to one of my blog readers! Simply comment on this post by midnight on Friday, April 1 and you will be eligible!

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