February 9, 2011

New look!

          Check it out! I have a header and a blog button! I'm like a real, bonafide blogger now. About time, since I have almost been at this a whole year!

BWS tips button

          I entered - and won - a contest my lovely Twitter friend had on her blog, The Scoop on Poop. As my prize, Stephanie, aka The Drama Mama, who does design, offered me a custom holiday card design or a blog header and button.
          I had already sent out my holiday cards, and had wanted to make my blog look more official for a long time. So I signed up for the latter.
          Since Stephanie runs a design business and was doing my work gratis, she needed to get through some paid jobs first. So I waited patiently. It was worth it!
          Her task was not simple. I blog about a range of topics here. I'm a mom and a writer, and I wanted both represented.
          I use the beach as my background because it is my happy place. And, I live in Florida. So I wanted to keep that, and she had to work to incorporate all those things.
          I think she did an awesome job. I love the finished product! Tell me what you think...

NOTE: Commenting from a mobile device disables all other commenting. Until I can figure out how to solve this glitch, I ask that you not comment from any mobile devices. I apologize for the inconvenience. I do value your input. Thank you!
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