February 14, 2011


          The other day, the hubby and I were talking about an issue with SB, when he suddenly got a far off look in his eyes. I could tell he was no longer listening to what I was saying, which irritated me.

          "Am I boring you?!"

          "I'm sorry," he said, jolting back to the conversation. "I was just thinking about how much I love my daughter."

          And then my heart ached. Seeing your spouse as a parent is an amazing experience. Almost as profound as watching the life the two of you created together running around your house and becoming her own little person.
          I absolutely love seeing my husband interact with SB. They are so crazy about each other. He is a great dad. And, his love for her makes me love him even more.
          The old marketing slogan is right, having a baby does change everything. Especially your relationship. I was not prepared for that. There are plenty of good things, to be sure. But in many ways, the past two years have been the most difficult in our relationship.
          Our marriage is solid. There's no cause for concern. But we have struggled since SB was born. Especially after we decided I would stay home with her. Things really changed after that. And I don't think either one of us knew how to handle it.
          I'm not embarrassed to admit this. Because I am certain we are not alone. And, getting through it together has made us even stronger. Marriage is work. Love is the foundation, but you have to keep building on it.
          Last night, our sick child went to sleep in our bed. Thankfully, she woke in her own this morning. Hubby went to get her, and she ran into our bedroom bearing cards. Which she thought were all for her. As hubby and I exchanged our romantic cards, she kept trying to grab them, yelling, "Mine!" This? Is our new reality. And I love it.
          How has your relationship changed since you became parents? Did you feel you were prepared for it? Is this a topic we can all talk openly about, or do you think it is taboo? 
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