January 26, 2011

A writers' meeting

          When I called my parents on the way home from Savannah on Saturday to tell them I was driving through snow (yes, snow!), my dad said, "So you were up there for a writers' meeting?" Sort of. I went to Savannah to meet some writers I have connected with via Twitter.
          It can be strange to meet someone you have only known online. Will you get along as well in real life, as they say? Will that person be what you expected? In this case, the answer to both questions was a resounding, "Yes!"
          I had a fabulous time with Tawna and Cynthia (as well as Cynthia's sister and daughter). They were both just as I expected them to be. And I mean that in only the best of ways. They are also people who, had I actually met through real life rather than the Internet, I would have choosen to be friends with.
          I picked Tawna up at the Savannah airport after her all-night coast to coast trip. We checked into our hotel, took a few minutes to freshen up, then headed to River Street to find a place to eat. This is when I learned if you dare Tawna to pole dance, she will:
          My kind of gal! We dined on She Crab Soup and beer and got to know each other better. Sure, we talked a lot about writing. But we also swapped stories about how we met our husbands, all the fabulous people we have connected w/via social media, what we like to do when we are not writing.
          I had been to Savannah before, so I did my best the rest of the afternoon to play tour guide to Tawna. I had a map in my back pocket, but we basically just meandered around the historic disctrict to see what kind of interesting stuff we would find. At one point we stopped at The Tea Room for some hot tea to go (it was chilly). It was literally served to us on a silver platter:
          Eventually, even the caffeine could not overcome Tawna's lack of sleep. We headed back to the hotel so she could take a nap. I Skyped with hubby and SB back home and spent some time reading. I was getting really hungry, but I was not about to wake Tawna up. So I started snacking on the Moose Munch popcorn she had brought me.
        Then Tawna tweeted that she could go for a drink and some appetizers. We headed to the hotel bar, and right about that time Cynthia called to say they were close. We had talked about going out to dinner, but decided we wanted to just hang out instead. Tawna was intent on eating something southern and was particularly interested in fried chicken, so Cynthia and her sister picked up Popeye's.
          Tawna and I were not able to convince the hotel bartender to sell us the $8 bottle of wine we wanted for less than $29. So we went across the street to a convenience store to buy some. We decided a Pinot Grigio or Sauvingon Blanc would go nicely with the Popeye's.
          We sat in the hotel lounge enjoying our feast, complete with delicious biscuits. We talk some more about writing. Tawna and Cynthia have been critique partners for more than six years, but this was the first time they had ever met in person:
          You'll note the wine and Popeye's box in the foreground. After cleaning up and moving the party to one of our hotel rooms we compared eReaders and continued talking well into the night. It was Cynthia's daughter who actually realized how late it was. It was way past my best time, let alone hers. So we quickly made preparations for bed.
          I was sad to have to say goodbye after breakfast the next morning. It would have been great to stay longer, but SB is not used to having Mommy be away, and had been searching the house for me. I wanted to see her sweet little face, too, so I hit the road.
          It was a great "meeting."
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