January 21, 2011

A Twitter meet up

          This morning, I will be driving to Savannah to meet fellow writer and one of my favorite Twitter friends Tawna Fenske at the airport. She is flying in to meet her long-time critique partner, and another of my favorites, Cynthia Reese.
          The trip has sort of grown from there. I basically butted in on a Twitter conversation and let them know a) I live very close to Savannah and b) I would love to meet them both. So I became part of the party.
          Tawna and I will spend the day touring around town and seeing what kind of trouble we can get in to. Then in the evening, Cynthia will join us, along with her sister and daughter. We will all have dinner, and perhaps a drink or two. I will head home first thing tomorrow, after sleeping in a bed all by myself and for as long as I can.
          I am so excited. Tawna was one of the first people I connected with on Twitter, and she has been so helpful and supportive of my writing career. Cynthia and I have been joking about getting together since we discovered I am one foot taller than her.
          When I told hubby of my plans, he cautioned me that for all I know, Tawna could be a 6'4"dude intent on stabbing me with a knife. Am I the only one who's spouse does not get Twitter? I mean, seriously! Tawna offered to Skype to prove to him she is who she claims to be.
          Of course, hubby is more concerned about the fact that I will be out of the house, leaving him alone with our toddler, for more than 24 hours. I will report back on how they do, and share stories and pics from my Twitter meet up, next week!
          In the meantime, if you want to follow our hijinks on Twitter, Tawna has created a hashtag for the trip - .
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