January 7, 2011

The situation

I'm participating in The Red Dress Club writing meme today. The assignment was to write a short piece in which each sentence starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Starting with "A." 

          Anyone could see she was furious. Big, blueish-red veins were popping out of her neck. Come to think of it, they always did when this subject came up. Despite all she had tried to do, the situation had gotten completely out of control.
          Even he had to admit there was nothing more they could do. For what it was worth, they had tried. God willing, this would be the end of it. How exactly it would end remained to be seen. 
          In retrospect, the writing had been on the wall all along. Just because they were family did not mean they would be friends. Kindness cannot conquer craziness. Love is not always enough.
          Making peace with that was something she'd been working on. Now she needed to do so once and for all and move on. Only time would tell if it would take. Perhaps it would not be as bad as she feared. Questions would remain unanswered, but she could live with that.
          Really, it didn't matter, there was only one direction for them to take. She could not, would not stand for things to continue the way they had been. That was something he would have to understand. Unless... well, she didn't want to think about the alternative.
          Very few people could say they had tried harder. Whatever happened or was said, she would know the truth in her heart. Xanax might help her deal with the situation, but she didn't want to turn to drugs. You can't please all of the people all of the time. Zealotry, especially when it comes with the worst of intentions, cannot be overcome.

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