January 12, 2011

A painting party

SB's birthday bash was this past weekend. It was held at a local pottery studio. Back before the holidays, my friend Jenn invited SB and I to join her and her son Turtle there to create some Christmas gifts. SB had a blast painting plates for her grandparents.

Normally, she hates getting her hands dirty, but she was delighted when I coated them in paint so we could press them on the plates. She kept signing, "more, more!" The finished product was pretty special, too. I noticed they had a party room in the back, and asked for details.
There was a lot about having a party there that appealed to me. First and foremost, it meant not hosting at our home. No set up, no clean up, no worrying about kids freaking around our house. I knew it would be easy to sell hubby on those points, too.
It also would be something unique I felt SB's peers would really enjoy. And, I believed the parents would appreciate having a one-of-a-kind keepsake at the party's end. So we decided to book it.
Figuring out when was challenging. (I think this is always going to be a problem.) We did not think our friends would enjoy having a little kids' party to go to New Year's weekend. And at her age, we figured SB would not know the difference. So we pushed it back a week.
Since the party was at 10 AM, I didn't think cake was the best idea. My friend Jennifer (same friend mentioned above) made these wonderful cookies for the kids to take home. I came up with the idea and asked if she could make it work. She did, because she is awesome at that sort of thing!

I had healthy snacks for everyone, and special beverages for the adults. It was fun to watch the parents' faces light up when I offered them a mimosa! They were pleasantly surprised. The kids' faces lit up when the paint came out:

After each child painted his/her plate, the staff helped with the big finish - a handprint. (They also added the child's name after we left, and I will pick up the masterpieces once they have been in the kiln.) The staff did an amazing job! They were so awesome with the kids, and made the whole experience a very positive one. Especially for one cute, happy little two year old:

I believe it is safe to say it was a rousing success! I got the call yesterday that the finished pieces are ready. I can't wait to pick them up, and deliver them to SB's friends. Now, how will I top this next year?
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