January 28, 2011

Blogging with a purpose

          A while back, Twitter friend Cynthia contacted me, and said she would like to be considered for my Ross' Rad Reads Award. After spending some time on her blog, I did not feel it would be appropriate to refer to it as a "rad" read. But I absolutely felt it was worthy of recognition.
          You see, Cynthia tackles some very serious and important subjects on her blog, The Geek Wife. Depression. Suicide. Domestic violence. Cynthia has personal experience with all these, and hopes to help others like her. She is currently a Master's student in Criminal Justice, and plans to become a lawyer for victims of domestic violence.
          I told Cynthia what I would prefer to do is profile her here on my blog, and asked her a few questions. So here goes...

Tell us a little bit about your blog. What made you decide to tackle such significant issues?
I started blogging August 5, 2010 after my mother passed away. I am a survivor and my mother was on the board of a women’s shelter devoted to domestic violence victims. I thought blogging would be a great way to continue their cause by reaching out to others this way as well as through the shelter, so we could possibly reach more victims. I hope to reach out to those that are hurting and try to prevent just one more person from spending one more day suffering at the hands of those they love. Women have a right to be safe and secure in their relationships without fear of injury or pain from those they love, and children deserve to grow up in a home filled with love, not hate.

Has sharing your experiences helped your personal healing process?
The process of healing from and surviving from domestic violence is a continual one. I have had some healing from sharing my experiences, but I don’t really share them for me. I share them so that other women can possibly relate and I can motivate them, and give them the courage and strength to change their life.

Your goal is "to empower women who are hurting to find a voice and change their lives." Has your blog helped you connect with those women?
The response to my blog has been overwhelmingly positive. Since my blog is so new, I have reached some women, but not as many as I would have liked, but those I have reached I have been able to refer them to places where they could receive the help that they need.

You are recently married and in a happy, healthy relationship. Do you believe others can find inspiration from that?
One of the reasons I blog about the positive changes in my life is that I hope that anyone who is suffering will read my blog and understand that there is another life after the suffering and the pain, a life full of success, happiness and love. I hope that when they read my blog, they will have hope that there are people who care that will help them discover another life, to become another person free from pain and humiliation.

What else would you like people to know about your blog?

My blog is not only about my story it is about all the women who have suffered at the hand of those they have loved. If I can help just one woman avoid or escape what I endured, then every moment of what I do is worth it. My dream is to open and run a domestic violence shelter, where I would be an advocate for these women and children that are so deeply troubled and show them that a life beyond abuse is possible.

          I believe you will be successful in that goal, Cynthia! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story.
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