December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Countdown to 2

Every Wednesday in December, I will be taking you on a journey. Using photographs, we will travel through SB's life as we count down to her 2nd birthday on the 30th. I got this idea from Mandy at Harper's Happenings. She did something wonderful a few months ago as her adorable daughter approached her second birthday. Thanks, Mandy, for the inspiration!

And so we begin...

to be continued...


  1. Awww. You can just feel the love in these pictures. So adorable! :)

  2. What a great idea, I love to watch babies grow!

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous. I have been sufficiently overwhelmed by the cuteness!

  4. Beautiful! Love it!

    And her 5 month pic is tooo sweet!

  5. Yup, definitely adorable and I cannot wait for the next installment.

    Plus, I'm now excited about all the cute Carter's outfits for my next one! Amazing how you can forget about these things after 2 years.

  6. What a cute idea! I should do something like this for my son who turns 5 in May. I didn't have a blog when he was a baby so everyone missed out on his adorable pics! She is such a cutie - and man, she looked just like you coming out the gate, lol.

  7. @ Linda - Thank you! There is indeed lots of love.

    @ Ashley - It is really amazing when you line up pictures like this. The changes are amazing.

    @ Truthful Mommy - :) I know. It happens to me every day.

    @ CaneWife - Thank you! It was hard to pick. I have SO many pictures from her first year. But some months the choice was obvious, and that 5 month is one of them.

    @ Mad Woman - SB wears almost exclusively Carters. Being the string bean that she is, their clothes just fit her long, lean body best. And, we have an outlet nearby. I go down there and just clean up! LOL More installments to come. Stay tuned...

    @ ItRocks2BMom - I thought it was an awesome idea, and told Mandy I was going to use it. I did not start blogging until several months ago, so have never shared the baby pics here. I hope everyone will enjoy them.

  8. Can't wait to see more!

  9. I love the birth announcement photo...priceless. The wonder in her eyes. How cool that you get to watch her grow.

  10. Now those are eyes that will melt your heart!! I love the photo where she's wearing the "Too cute" onesie! She's a keeper!


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