December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

          My lovely blogging friend Kristina asked me to guest post for her so she could take some much needed vacation. She's a hard working Mama, you see, but doesn't want to neglect her awesome blog. She gave me the following choices for my post:
  • Anything you did that was fun with your family during the month of December for Christmas.
  • What are you family traditions during the holidays? 
  • Craft, recipe, dinner... share with my readers how you made it and include photos. 
          Be sure to head on over to Mountain Mum today to see which one I picked. And have a safe and Happy New Year!

Mountain Mum

If you happen to be visiting my blog from over at Mountain Mum, welcome! Please take a moment to look around. You can see the topics I post about on the right, or start with a few of my personal favorites. And please let me know about your own blog so I can check it out!
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