November 8, 2010


          Last week was the first time SB has had anything other than a minor cold. And I suppose I should hand it to the child; she decided she would go all out. Ear infection? BOR-ING! Strep throat? Ho hum. Scarlet fever? Now it is getting interesting. How about all three at the same time? That would really be something.
          Of course there was nothing funny about it while we were living it. To describe SB as miserable would fall woefully short. There were times she was simply inconsolable. No matter what I tried, she could not be comforted. And it broke my heart. I shed more than a few of my own tears during the week, watching her .
          One mom told me it is hardest when children are little, because you can't explain to them what is going on, or that it is going to come to an end. They don't understand what it happening to them, nor do they have the ability to tell you how they feel. All SB could do was sign, "hurt."
          There are lots of aspects of having a sick child that are difficult. A lack of sleep that rivals the newborn days. Having to deal with truly disgusting bodily fluids. The inability to accomplish anything because your child just wants YOU 24 hours a day.  
          When SB is not feeling well, she attaches herself to me like Velcro. But I do kind of like the cuddles. Holding her close to my chest, rocking with her and having her fall asleep in my arms reminds me of when she was an infant.
          The worst part is watching your child suffer and not being able to do a darn thing about it. I don't know how parents who have children with life-threatening or terminal illnesses cope. I come across heart wrenching stories on a regular basis. They make me cry, for the parents as much as for the children involved.
          Last week was one of the hardest and longest of my life. I am very glad it is over. And I realize I am lucky it did come to an end. That is not the reality for far too many families...


  1. Awww. It is so hard when they're sick. I'm glad SB is finally feeling better. :)

  2. I'm glad she's finally feeling better. I can't even imagine what a tough week it was!

  3. Poor little angel. I'm glad she is on the mend.

  4. Glad she's feeling better. I hate the "This is for your own good moments" that seem like pure torture to your little one. Temperature taking. Doctor visits. Medicine, etc.

    Hopefully she won't get sick on you like that for a long while.

  5. Poor SB. I am so glad she's on the mend. Signing "hurt" touches my icy heart.

  6. @ Linda - Thank you!

    @ Mungee's Ma - I'm not sure how I was still standing when it was all over. LOL

    @ Miss Kitty - Me, too!

    @ Rebecca - Having to force feed your child medicine is awful! And I hope she doesn't get sick like this for a long time, either. But, now that she is in preschool I have a feeling this will become a more regular thing. I honestly am wondering if it is worth it. We put her in preschool for the socialization opportunities. But with that comes the sharing of many germs...

    @ CaneWife - You do not have an icy heart! I know that for a fact. ;) The signing "hurt" thing KILLED me! Just killed me. :(

  7. Sick is heartbreaking for sure. I'm so glad she's feeling better.

  8. My daughter was super sick last week too. She's not totally better yet. It's so hard to watch. I too can't imagine what families of truly sick children go through! Glad you guys are on the mend!

  9. I just want to trade places with my son when he is sick. Holding him tight is the closest I can get to that.

  10. My mouth dropped open in amazement when I read this cause my daughter had the same three illnesses together last march when she was 4 months old. We spent a week in the hospital cause she needed an IV, and then a week later her brother (two years old) had scarlet fever and impetigo together. What is with these medieval illnesses??! Anyway, I hear you! I'm glad you are both done suffering!!

  11. I'm so glad your little one is better. We had a similiar week last week with my 3 year old daughter. It's so hard to watch them feeling miserable and we are miserable from lack of sleep and worrying.

    Here's to a better week.

  12. @ anymommy - Thanks!

    @ Ashley - SB is not 100% yet either. I guess it is that time of year. Hope your little one is feeling much better soon!

    @ JDaniel4's Mom - Absolutely! I think any mom would change places with her sick child if she could. But since we can't, there's nothing like a mother's love. :)

    @ Moomser - OMGosh! I cannot imagine having your sweet little one hospitalized at such a young age! How frightening! And tell your son a taste for the exotic is overrated. ;) Hope you all stay healthy this winter.

    @ Dr. Mom - It really IS that time of year. I know so many moms with sick little ones. Sorry to learn you had a rough week, too. Hope this one has been much better for you so far!

  13. Well, Elizabeth, I'm a homeschooling mom so I would be inclined to say, No, the daycare isn't worth the sickness, BUT that's a decision that every family really needs to make independently.

    Hopefully she'll develop a super immune system, and you won't have to deal with every sickness she's around.

  14. @ Rachel - I am very open to the idea of homeschooling. At this point in SB's development, we feel it is vital that she have the socialization opportunities a preschool environment provides. Especially as an only child. We knew that meant she would be exposed to lots of germs, but that is part of childhood, too. So for now the trade off is worth it to us. She loves school and has thrived there.

    Down the line, I could change my mind. If SB is officially diagnosed with CAS at some point, for example, the public school system would place her in a special education classroom. She is incredibly bright, and I will want to ensure she receives the mental stimulation she needs. So my position could easily change...


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