October 4, 2010

Web to life

          I will freely admit that I entered the Twitterverse reluctantly. It seemed so strange to me. I didn't get it. But I was told, by several people who should know, that it would be good for my writing career to get on there. I grumbled a little at first, but finally I dipped my toes in the water. Little did I know how quickly I would be immersed. I am completely hooked on Twitter at this point. I love it.
          And those people in the know were right; I have connected with all sorts of fabulous writers. I've posted about the writing community here before. Turns out Twitter is also a great place to learn about the publishing industry. You can follow literary agents, editors, book reviewers and sellers, and gain invaluable knowledge about how the business works.
          One aspect of Twitter I was not prepared for was how many awesome moms I was going to connect with. It has truly been amazing. I have a whole new network of friends. And I do consider them to be friends. I would love to be able to meet these women IRL, as they say. My husband often laments, "You tell those people things you don't even tell me."
          Well honey, they understand. They know what I am going through. I can tell them anything and they will not judge me. They will offer support and reassurance and a laugh just at the exact time I need it. And they share the intimate details with me of their own lives, because they know I can do the same for them. There is a camaraderie among moms that others could not begin to comprehend.
          Some of the moms I have met on Twitter have actually turned out to be from my own area. One woman, Mungees_Ma, I have known since before we were both married with kids. Then I connected with Jenn from Three Pugs and a Baby through blogging, and we realized we live in the same area AND both know Mungee's Ma. And one day I was tweeting about some local happening and Krista replied, "Wait, where are you?" Turns out we live about 20 minutes apart.
          Being the former event planner that I am, I organized a Twitter Moms outing at our local zoo last Friday. We all met up with our kids on a gorgeous day to spend some time together. It was a great day. I meant to get a picture of us Twitter moms together, but you know what it is like when you have babies in strollers and toddlers running in every direction. So I'll just have to share a few cute kiddo pics...

                                             Feeding the giraffes.
                                 The otter wanted SB's cow in a big way.
                                Brushing the goats @ the petting zoo.


  1. Awwww. Adorable pics! Glad you've got some blogging moms close enough to connect with in person now and then. :)

  2. That's wonderful. I have met a few blogging/Twitter friends in real life as well, and have never been disappointed.

  3. I am soo jealous! I want to get together with some of my tweeps, too! Looks like a great day was had by all!

  4. What great pictures - and I love hearing about successful bloggy/tiwtter friends stories!!

  5. It was so fun to get together with you and the other Twitter moms! Thanks for putting together an awesome outing :)

  6. So sweet. Looks like you had a great day. It's ALWAYS a plus to find people going through the same stuff you are at the same time.

    PS--> Little known secret: Writers make the best friends.

  7. I love twitter for so many reasons! Mom support is just one of them.

    Adorable pics too!


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