October 6, 2010

The potty dance

I am the featured blogger today at The Red Dress Club. Please stop by and check it out! And if you are visiting from TRDC, you're in for a treat. I'm blogging about poop today. Which means this could be your first and last visit. ;) But hey, that's parenthood. If you think you can handle it, stick around and let's get to know each other better. I do blog about writing often. If you want to check those posts out, look for the list of topics to the right and click on "writing." And skip the potty talk.

          No, I'm not talking about the movements kids make when they have to go potty. I'm talking about the back and forth dance that is potty training. Not long ago I wrote about SB's sudden and unexpected interest in all things potty. We thought she was a little young, and truth be told we were not entirely ready. But we decided we would follow her lead.
          I started asking SB if she wanted to use the potty regularly, especially at times when I knew she needed to. If she said yes, which was every time I offered, we went in to the bathroom and I got her settled on her talking Elmo potty. She liked to sit there and read books or have me read to her. We spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I often sat on the floor until I had no feeling in my rear end.
         We had a lot of success, too. I was very pleasantly surprised. SB was going #1 and #2 in the potty about 50-60% of the time. When she did, we would celebrate heartily. When she didn't, we would praise her for trying and go on with our day. We never forced her to sit on the potty. It was 100% child-led.
          And then one day it was all over. It was as if the moment she realized WE were in to the process, she was not. She went on strike. One morning she spent 30 minutes on the potty with no activity. I knew she had to go #2. But she would not do it.
          If she was verbal she would have sat there chanting, "H--l no, I won't go!" I could tell it was pure toddler defiance. Sure enough, the second she got off the potty and I put a diaper on her, she did go. The same thing happened that evening, after almost an hour on the potty. Then there was a bathtub incident.
          So I threw in the towel. We are done, for now. Until such time as she begins to demonstrate interest again. And I am fine with that. Although I have to admit, I was really enjoying not having to change poopy diapers. All good things in time, I guess...


  1. Dang it! She caught on to your little ploy!

  2. So, so normal. Not to worry--she'll come back to it. :)

  3. @ Miss Kitty - There was no ploy. We were just following her lead.

    @ Linda - I know. It's all good. :)

  4. The same thing happened to us. We quit for a few months and then went back to it when the time felt right. Just have patience. It will work out! Congrats on being featured on the red dress club!!! You rock!

  5. Potty Training has basically been my life for the past 4 years. God help me. Thank goodness it's over for me, so let me tell you that it sucks when you're in the trenched BUT (butt...ha ha...) once you no longer tote diapers around with you everywhere, it's like a whole new world.
    Good luck!!

  6. @ Ashley - Thanks on both counts! :)

    @ letmestartbysaying - I do look forward to that day for sure. The part about getting there? Not so much! LOL

  7. My son and his wife are about to enter that process. I told them that when the granddaughter let's you know that her diaper needs changed it might be a sign to start. :)

  8. Son #1 we had an elaborate chart next to the potty, and every time he went he got a sticker. When he filled a month of squares he got a Thomas Toy. It got expensive. He was pooping in the potty before he was 2 but wouldn't pee in there till he was 3, after he happened to see a friend STAND up to pee. Then he just got it.

    Son #2 No elaborate chart, no Thomas Toys, just M&Ms and Pez for poop well done. He's 3.5 and going on his own.


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