October 18, 2010

Mom Sexy Week

I am guest blogging at The Red Dress Club today. You should totally come check it out; as soon as you finish reading my Top Ten Reasons I Am MOM SEXY list. Carry on...

          So what is this Mom Sexy business about? Mary at The Mommyologist is celebrating her one year blogoversary this week. In that one short year she has built something really amazing. Her blog was recently voted the Best Parenting Blog by Nickolodeon's Parents Connect network. In short, she rocks.
          Mary's mission is to bring MOM SEXY back. As she says, "There is just no reason we should let the fact that we are mothers make us feel any less sexy... We can still be sexy as ever, but it’s a different kind of sexy. It’s MOM SEXY."
          In honor of Mary's blogoversary and mission, I offer my list of the Top Ten Reasons I am MOM SEXY:
  • My boobs are more likely to qualify me for National Geographic than Playboy, but I'm still MOM SEXY!
  • I've gone from planning corporate events to planning play dates, but I'm still MOM SEXY!
  • I can count on one hand the number of times my husband and I have been out together in the past two years, but I'm still MOM SEXY!
  • Dinner out now involves Applebee's, not the new hot spot, but I'm still MOM SEXY!
  • The scars on my abdomen resemble a smiley face, but I'm still MOM SEXY!
  • I may go days weeks without shaving my legs, but I'm still MOM SEXY!
  • An alarming percentage of my conversations are about poop, but I'm still MOM SEXY!
  • Speaking of poop, I've wiped it from rear ends, chairs, walls, floors, bathtubs and our deck. So far. But I'm still MOM SEXY!
  • My hair is in a semi-permanent ponytail, but I'm still MOM SEXY!
  • I couldn't name any of the artists on the radio today, yet can sing most of the PBS TV show theme songs, but I'm still MOM SEXY!
          In all seriousness, since I became a mom I feel the least attractive I ever have in my life. I hate the way I look. I beat myself up about it all the time. That's the UGLY truth. The last thing I think of myself lately is sexy. I certainly don't feel it most of the time.
          But we should all feel sexy moms! We are amazing. Let's start at the beginning. Our bodies created life! We nurtured another human being inside our own body. And, for some of us, we continued to nurture that life at the breast. My husband has often pointed out how truly amazing that is. Ladies, our bodies ROCK!
          Yes, having children changes our bodies forever, in ways we never imagined and are certainly not prepared to accept. And for those of us who did nurse, there were more humiliating changes. It makes us mad. It makes us sad. It is SO not fair. But while our bodies may not be what they once were, they are even more sexy than ever.
          Beyond the physical is the fact that we handle more before lunch than most people do in a day. No one is more efficient, hard working or capable than a mom. And that is very, very sexy. We may not feel like we have it all together. We may not look it. But ladies, we have got it going on!
          So tell me, how are you MOM SEXY? Join in this week and show the world how you are bringing MOM SEXY back! And be sure to link up to Mary...

Because accepting our imperfections IS THE NEW SEXY. Perfect is for boring people.


  1. This post TOTALLY rocks!!! You had me laughing out loud at the National Geographic thing!! My boobs actually resemble something out of the training bra section in the Sears catalog...but I'm with ya!

    You are SO right though...we beat ourselves up so much as mothers and don't appreciate how amazing our bodies are. We don't have to be perfect to be sexy!!

    Thanks so much for participating and for helping me celebrate my blogoversary Mom Sexy style!!

  2. LOL! Honestly? When my kiddos were tiny I was more Mom Exhausted than Mom Sexy. But as they grew, it all came back to me. Kind of like riding a bicycle... ;)

  3. LOL! Your Top 10 is hilarious! It is a lot of hard work being a mama, that's for sure! It's the hardest job I have ever had!

  4. Girl, you plan a mean playdate! ;)

  5. I am sending pics to National Geographic tomorrow. This may be the positive reinforcement I was looking for! You are my new hero....

    Yeah, we are all sexy in such different ways than before! I wouldn't trade it for anything...thanks for the laugh!

  6. I love this. I think I'm too Mom tired to think of some, but I'll give it a go :)

  7. yes, yes, and yes! I go in and out of moments where I feel bad, slightly less bad, and just a tad bad about how I look and feel....but I realized this year, that for my daughter to have a good self image and be happy, I need to model those behaviors myself! not always easy, and sometimes I feel as if I am acting....but I figure it is the effort that counts :)

  8. This is an awesome post, and so true!! We do handle more before lunch than most people do in a day. I'm handling more now than I ever thought I would! And although I may not be perfect, I feel good...mom sexy! Love this post xo

  9. I spend so much time trying to teach my kids, my daughter esp., that it's not about looks - it's attitude & behavior that make a person beautiful & gorgeous. Should listen more to myself... sexy is a state of mind & NOT a body type. Making mac & cheese after painting a bathroom is as sexy as the husband taking the kids out for a daddy date and teaching them the art of eating pizza. And everyone having clean underwear to boot? SEXY!!!!!

  10. Awesome list! Too funny! Yes I have learned a pony tail is the way to go (4 month old baby in the house) or she'll pull out my hair! Still feeling mom sexy though lol!

  11. Perfect is definitely for boring people!

  12. I'm glad you all enjoyed the post, and will participate in Mom Sexy week by sharing your own. A couple of you made really interesting points about teaching our young daughters about body image and self-esteem. I hadn't even thought of that. And it is SO important!

    Thanks for your comments!

  13. FABULOUS post!! Laughed out loud and loved every word! Well said!!

  14. Love the list! Especially #1. And your writing after. Every mom should be very proud of their postbaby body!

  15. LOVE IT!! Don't worry, my body belongs in National Geographic too. ;-) I think you've described Mom Sexy perfectly. Who else could be sexy with all that? ;-D

  16. Messy and imperfect is what makes life interesting. Moms rock!! ;0)

    Tweeting this for Tweet Me Tuesday!

  17. I'm with you on every one!! Laughing and crying at the same time....about my national geographic boobs and poop stained walls. But in the end, I'm still Mom Sexy! xoxoxoxox Love this!!

  18. What a funny post. You made my day. Found you through Tweet Me Tuesdays and glad I visited!

  19. I love when a blog post resonates w/others. And if I make someone's day, even better! Thanks for all the great comments!

  20. I love your Top 10 List! You are totally Mom Sexy!

  21. I'm in awe of moms, and totally in a good way.


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