September 22, 2010

The String Bean

          There is something that has been bothering me. Up to this point, as you may have noticed, I have always referred to my daughter as DD. An abbreviation for Dear Daughter, a commonly used term. It just doesn't feel right to me; it's too impersonal.
          At the same time, I am not entirely comfortable using my daughter's real name on this blog or the various social mediums. I can't quite put a finger on it. It just feels wrong somehow to expose her when she is not old enough to consent. Please do not ask me why I am comfortable sharing images of her but not her name. I can't explain it.
          Each mom has to make this decision for herself. There is no one right answer. Many are comfortable using their children's names on their blogs. Others are not. It is very common to use nicknames. Problem is, most of the nicknames we use for our daughter are not unique. For example, how many monkeys do you think there are out there? A whole lot. And if I use a nickname here I would like for it to be different.
          When my daughter was a newborn, my mom dubbed her The Bean. When she was all swaddled up that is exactly what she look like. And it stuck. We continue to call her that to this day. Although recently I have modified it to String Bean. You see, she is freakishly tall. Atypically long and lean.
          I am not exaggerating. The print out of her growth chart the pediatrician's office gave me from her 18 month check up shows her official height at 36 inches. That's THREE FEET TALL! At a year and a half. She was completely off the charts. The average height of a 30 month old girl. Her weight, on the other hand, was a mere 23 pounds. No matter how much food she shoves in her mouth, which is a lot, she just cannot seem to reach any higher than the 30th percentile in weight.
          My daughter is more than half my height at this point. And almost half my husband's height. And she barely has an ounce of fat. It has always been so. Even when she was a baby. So the nickname String Bean really does fit. Henceforth, in all my blog posts and tweets, my daughter will no longer be DD, but SB, for String Bean.
          And it is fitting, really, considering the planned topic for my next book project. Growing up tall as a girl is painfully awkward. It is complete agony in the teenage years. I know plenty of people are jealous of tall girls, but it is not always great. As an adult I love it, but when I was growing up, not so much.
          I've been through it. String Bean will obviously go through it. I want to write a book to support her, and other girls like her, so they can stand tall and love the skin they're in. Of course, right now, I have another book to complete and get published. But I have time. String Bean can't even read yet...

I do not know why the coffee table seemed like a good place to take a rest, but it serves as a good reference. I measured the table; it is 52 inches long. And SB almost reaches from end to end.


  1. She's a whole lotta leg! It's so crazy to see them turn from babies into little people.

  2. She's so cute!
    My 2nd daughter is like that! She's 10 (11 next week) and she is just about 5'7 or so and a good stiff wind will blow her away! She's always been that way and eats all the time!
    I often wonder if someday it'll catch up to her.

  3. I was a string bean as a child, and I would've loved a book about it. :)

  4. She's definitely tall. I always have a hard time remembering that she's not even two yet! When I was little, my parents called me Grasshopper Legs :)

  5. @ That One Mom - My mom says she's built just like I was at that age.

    @ Jackie - I was right there w/your daughter. I was 5'7" when I was 11. And could eat everything in sight without gaining a pound. Until puberty. That's when it started to catch up with me.

    @ Linda - That's good to hear. It will be challenging for me to adapt my writing style for that age group. I hope I can do it. If not, I might just have to write a book geared toward parents. ;)

    @ Grasshopper Legs - Everyone assumes she is significantly older than she is, which can be a problem.

  6. I wondered what DD stood for! SB is the perfect description for her.

  7. Supermodel! And the table really puts her length in perspective. I bet when you tell people how old she is, they automatically respond with "wow, she's so tall!" :)

  8. Haha! You do know the old wives tale, right? Double their height at 2, and that's how tall they'll be when they grow up!

    But I can tell you, I was six before I reached 36 inches. Sigh. I'm glad my daughter's almost as tall as me!

  9. @ Miss Kitty - I think most moms know what it means. But a lot of people probably thought I was talking about my bra size. LOL Not so much!

    @ Mommy This and That - We get that ALL the time!

    @ Cynthia - I remember tweeting about this w/you, so I knew you would weigh in. I predict she'll be 5'11" as an adult, hubby thinks 6'. Time will tell...

  10. I just like admiring the pictures, however they're labeled. She's so super adorable!

  11. Hi there! I'm your newest follower from the Thursday blog hop. Lovely BLog!! You can find me at

  12. That is AWESOME. What a lovely book that will make. I don't understand though...I am short - always have been...but my daughter is getting to be quite the tall girl and my Auntie is tall too. I might need this book.

  13. ELizabeth,
    I want a signed copy of the String Bean, growing up tall book both my girls are projected to be 6'2", and I am really concerned how they will deal with being so tall.They have both been 100 percentile since they were born for height.My husband is 6'5" but I am only 5'7". can't wait for that book

  14. @ Elizabeth - Aw! Thank you! I know you have no reason to be reading my mom posts. I promise I'll throw a writing post in here soon! :)

    @ Hanna- Welcome, and thanks for the compliment. Just followed you back!

    @ Mommy Lisa - I'll make sure you get a copy. Gotta get my current book published first, though. LOL

    @ Truthful Mommy - A signed copy you will receive! But see my comment to Lisa...

    Glad to see the enthusiasm for my book idea! :)

  15. Wow -- she's taller than my 3-yr-old! My 15 yr old niece is 6-1; she just made the J-varsity team for high school soccer -- goalie!

  16. My girls just turned 5 and are both hovering around the 44-inch mark. So crazy. Your string bean is just that, and she's adorable!!!
    following you now!

  17. @ Grimmgirl - Yay for her! Hope she stands tall!

    @ Erin - Welcome to my blog, and thanks for the compliment on SB! ;) I'm sure you know how to teach your girls to be proud of their height. And their big feet. ;)

  18. I love this! When I was pregnant, babe was "The Bean" and that has stuck as well. I thought I'd give it up when he was born and actually had a name, but nope! He's always been kind of chunky, so now I call him Butter Bean :)

  19. I don't want to share my daughter's name in the blog/Twitter either but do post pics. I thought I was odd, so thanks for the comraderie!
    Other than that - opposite daughter! Mine's The Munchkin -- also 1.5 yrs but just under 30 in & 27 lbs!!! :)


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