August 18, 2010

Go Toddler Go!

          I recently found out about a hands on kids' museum in my area from a couple of other moms. We have a play date planned there for next week. In the meantime, my hubby is on vacation and wanted to go check it out. I wish I had discovered this place earlier! DD and I have been suffering from the worst case of cabin fever lately. This is the perfect remedy.
          I don't think "museum" is quite the right moniker for the place. Activity center would be more appropriate. And while my husband and I weren't overly impressed, our daughter had a blast! She was one busy little toddler:
Shopping at the mock grocery store.
Dinner will be ready @ 6. Don't be late.
The only time I can get her to clean up is when we are not at home.
Her motivation? Making sure every last ball was in the bouncy ball pit.
Time to drive the fire truck. (Notice how my child gravitates to older boys? Yeah, we're in trouble.)
Daddy helps me ride the horse.
Mommy drives me to school.

          All this (and much more) happened in about an hour and a half. After which we had one very pooped out toddler, who we needed to feed and get home for a nap stat! (Should have taken the fire truck and turned on the sirens.) And truth be told, I seriously needed one, too. I wish I had half the energy my child does. She wears me out. But she is so much fun to watch! All in all, it was definitely not a bad way to spend a hot summer day!


  1. We took Abbie to a museum like that in downtown Tacoma last year. She LOVED it! They had a fake vegetable patch and you could pick veggie and take them to a little market to sell them. She would have spent all day picking them if we let her. They also had a diner set up with fake food and a cash register. She made us all sandwiches. Too cute!

  2. It looks cute!

    I'm excited to see them all together!

  3. I love taking the kids to indoor fun areas such as this. They can let their imagination run wild. Silently I pray that they take a LONG nap at the end of the day so I cam have a moment to myself.

  4. @ Miss Kitty - This place has a 50s diner, too, but we did not make it over that way.

    @ CaneWife - I'm not sure if they will play together or all go off in separate directions. LOL I have a feeling we will spend the morning chasing them around.

    @ MamaOnDaGo - This place is all about imaginary play. And I think a long nap is a given after going to a place like this. ;)

  5. Oh, how fun!! I'm glad she had a blast! And the nap at the end was an awesome perk!! :-)

  6. Looks like she had a blast! That place looks perfect for toddlers:) Just read about the book you're writing...what a wonderful concept, I imagine it will be super successful! Good luck :)

  7. @ Stacey - I love when they play that hard and then end up crashing for a nice, long nap. ;)

    @ Melissa - Thank you for your comments on my book. Keep following my journey to publication so you can be one of the first to own it. ;)

    @ Lisa - It's a cool concept for sure. Especially in the hot summer when it is hard to have kids outside for long periods.

  8. Awesome! So glad you found a childrens museum close by. The girls love the one near us. And yes, about an hour or two is all the can really take. :)

  9. OMG. Totally cute pics, yes, but I have that SAME SHIRT you are wearing in that last pic! From Kohl's, I think, a couple years ago? Weird!

    Anyway, I clicked over here from your Twitter profile, so HI!


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