August 6, 2010

The cleaning lady

          This has been a long and difficult week. I tried, but just could not muster the mental or physical energy needed to write a blog post for today. So, I figured I would simply share a cute toddler video. I trust you will forgive me for the cop out, and return next week to read more fabulous and profound posts (ha, who am I kidding?). I'll be talking about my journey to publication on Monday.
          But for now, the video. Our daughter is in love with this sweeper we bought for our wood floors. Whenever she hears it turn on she comes running, grabs the handle and starts cleaning. She's getting very good at it, too. I think I see what her first official chore will be. Here's our little cleaning lady, for your Friday enjoyment:


Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that she's cleaning, blankie in hand!

  2. Good for you! Put her to work early! ;)

  3. Very sweet! My son is completely obsessed with our vacuum cleaner. He goes to the closet it is in and pounds on the door to get it out and he cries when I put it away. Hope he still feels that way about it when he's like 12.

  4. How cute! Mungee needs to come over for lessons. At this point, that thing would send her screaming!

  5. Very cute. My son has a toy vacuum I found, and whenever I use the real deal, he grabs his and vacuums his play room floor. Awwww. He also likes to grab the broom or rake in the back yard and push it around. Looks like we are training them well. ;)

  6. How darling she is! I remember (barely) when my boys liked to help clean. Meredith, forget about it. My sons are 11 and 13 now and though they liked to help out as toddlers, they won't touch a vacuum now! Sorry to disappoint...


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