August 25, 2010

Beach Babe

          I think as parents it is pretty common to want to be able to provide things for your child(ren) that you did not have. One thing I always wanted when I was growing up was to live near the ocean. Sadly, the nearest body of water for me when I was a kid was the Mississippi River. Yuck! However, barring some unforeseen and drastic change in our lives, my daughter will grow up frolicking in the surf.
          That is, assuming she can get over her early experiences. Her initial visits to the ocean were tenuous at best. The very first time our daughter got to dip her toes in the water was earlier this year. And things didn't go so well. She had mastered walking by then, but sand and water? Well...
          We like to call this the Father of the Year video. But what a trooper she was! Even though she did a major faceplant in the sand, she did not cry. My girl is tough like that.
          The second time she encountered the ocean, things were not much better. Without any memory of the first time, she charged right up to the water's edge, and...
          This is the Mommy of the Year video. Note my crazed laughter. I did not realize how strong the waves were that day. From the point this video was taken forward, she would not allow her feet to touch the ground. Needless to say, we did not stay long.
          So, last week my husband was on vacation and we planned another family outing to the beach, hoping the third time would be the charm. We do not have video (I think we were afraid of what we might capture), but I believe this picture tells the story:
          She had a ball! She loved it. She frolicked along the water's edge (the ocean was nice and calm that day), we went swimming and she ran around the beach until we had decided she had been exposed to enough sun. Finally, we had a good day! So, it would seem my daughter will take after me in yet one more way; she will love all things beach.


  1. Awww. So sweet! And she is a little trooper, isn't she? I'm sure she'll grow up loving the ocean just as much as her mom does. :)

  2. cute. When my dd was younger, she would run the beach like nobody's business. LOL We used to call her a free-range baby. :)

  3. I grew up in Baltimore, but always wanted to live on the coast. After the Navy and marriage we decided to do just that. Living on the Gulf coast can be trying and sometimes terrifying but over all I would not change it for anything. My favorite thing in the whole world is ride across the waves on our boat. Plus during the summer we spend almost every weekend at the beach and it is never crowded. Why? Because we only go to the ones you can get to by boat. See.

  4. She is sooo cute. I'm sure she'll grow up loving the beach.

  5. @ Linda - She is a total trooper. Whenever she falls she just gets up and keeps on going.

    @ Jennifer - Oh, yeah. A wide open space like that. She was in Heaven!

    @ Kelly - My hubby and I are always saying we need to make friends with someone who has a boat. Too bad you are on the other coast of FL. ;)

    @ Carly - Thanks! I think so, but I am obviously biased on the matter of her cuteness.

  6. What a doll!

    We should do a beach day!

  7. The videos are too funny! She will laugh at them later :-) Glad the third time has finally worked.

  8. Cute videos - even with the little bathing beauty bloopers! LOL... You both get recognition for persistence and the award is that beautiful girl's smile as she enjoys the beach. I would really love love love to live near the beach!

  9. What a cutie and a trooper! I grew up at the Jersey Shore and can't imagine summers without the beach.

    And welcome to TMC mama!! So glad you joined us!!!

  10. @ CaneWife - We totally should, as soon as it cools down a little. ;)

    @ Mrs. No Touching - I'm sure she will. And for now, I will. I still do every time I see them.

    @ Petula - We don't take advantage enough of our proximity to the beach. Before I was married I lived w/in walking distance and went almost every night w/my dog after work. Now I live inland about 30-40 minutes. Still close, but often feels very far. Don't get there nearly as much as I would like. Of course, it is very complicated to go w/a toddler. Dogs are much easier. LOL

    @ Theta Mom - I can't believe I just now joined! Been following for a long time. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Glad she finally likes it! Those videos were too funny!

  12. what fun, wonderful summer memories! good times, for sure! i love the videos that you shared-- and your descriptions? totally priceless!


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