July 30, 2010

The winnerless contest

Earlier this week I came up with an impromptu contest. The person who could guess which part(s) of my body has been surgically altered would win. It was titillating, I know. And, some of you chose that part of my anatomy. But, while I probably would consider a breast lift due to the after effects of nursing, that is not the part of my body that has been altered.

Several of you guessed that I had undergone a post-baby tummy tuck. Fortunately, that is not something I need. The most common answer was my nose. And yes, I do have a nose many people go under the knife for. I love my nose. And, I was born with it.

No, the part of my body I have had surgically altered is also the one feature my daughter inherited that I desperately wanted her not to:

That's right, the ears have it! But not quite as Becca from Drama for Mama guessed (she said ear lobes). When I was in my 20s, I underwent a bilateral otoplasty. I had my ears pinned back. It was my graduation present from college. My parents had offered in the past, but I declined. I said I was perfect the way God made me. Then, for reasons I can't really explain, I decided I would do it. I wasn't super self-conscious about my ears. But I figure if I could have them fixed, why shouldn't I? And I've been very happy with the results.

While my daughter could be a candidate for the same surgery down the line, should she choose to be, her inheritance of my most, um, obvious feature does not take away from her cuteness in any way. And I love them. As I love every sweet, adorable, delicious part of her! She is perfect just as she is.

So, nobody guessed the correct answer. My first contest has no true winner. But, since Becca at least picked the right body part, I'm going to give her the honor. Please contact me to discuss your prize of unspeakable value!


  1. Ok, I think those ears are adorable - never would have guessed!!!

  2. The ears are elfin, magical. Love them.

  3. Oh-so close!!! Your daughter is adorable! And you're right- nothing deters from her cuteness!

  4. I knew the answer but had to keep quiet. The picture in the tub is one of my favorites. So cute.

  5. Love her ears!

    I always wanted a nose job as a teenager. But I guess my face became bigger becuase now my nose looks small so I never got it done. :)

  6. Cute ears!

    My grandmother had the exact same procedure when she was in her 70s. It was her gift to herself after she divorced my grandfather :)


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