July 7, 2010


          Encouragement can come from the most unexpected places. Earlier this week I wrote about the agony of the submission process. The very next day, out of the blue, I received a message from a woman in Minnesota. A woman I have never met.
          She had found my blog through a group we are both members of, and wanted to reach out to let me know how excited she is about my book. It turns out she is also a writer. She recently wrote this piece about the Mommy Wars. 
          "I definitely think you have picked a hot topic," she said. "One I believe will really resonate with many. I just wanted you to know that I think your idea is great. So happy to have connected with you."
          And just like that, my confidence is restored. My resolve strengthened. You see, women like Galit are exactly why I am doing this. I don't have to go through the submission process. Yes, I love to write. I need to write. But I could do that without being published. I could write simply for myself. Or I could be content to share my writing with others through this blog.
          I'm working to bring my book to life because I have an important message to share. One that will indeed resonate with many moms. And has the potential to impact their lives in a positive way. That's powerful! I know as my journey to publication continues I will connect with more wonderful women. And I can't wait!


  1. I love it when something like that happens. It shows us how wonderful the writer's community is and reminds us we're not alone. Bravo to Galit for reaching out like that. And power to you! The submission process can be discouraging but we're in it together!

  2. You go girl. That is the ONLY reason to write. Publication is great (so said by someone not published) but writing is usually not a job its a vocation. Good Luck.

  3. aww-- totally fab post! thank YOU! i'm honored to be a part of your writing journey! and given that i'm a total sucker for the meant-to-be factor, i'm glad we connected for whatever helpful, lovely reason. powerful indeed, mama! :)

  4. Writers are great supporters and it's nice to hear that you found some inspiration at a time of need. And keep at it, even if those rejections come rolling in, because you'll get published if you don't give up (although the waiting sucks big time).

  5. Notes like that are always great. Glad you got a boost of confidence!

  6. @ Heather - Amen to everything you said!

    @ Kelly - And what a great vocation it is!

    @ Minnesota - I very much believe in the meant-to-be factor. ;)

    @ Koreen - I won't give up, I promise!

    @ Miranda - And it couldn't have come at a better time, believe me!

  7. It IS amazing the power of connection through blogging. I have also found it very uplifting in difficult times. Keep moving forward with your dream and it will happen for you.

  8. This warmed my heart. :) The writing community really is so great, with everyone ready to support and encourage right when it's needed. The submission process is hard (I'm agonizing through it myself), but persistence seems to be the key. Just keep swimming! :)

  9. @ Naked - Blogging and social networking are truly amazing! They bring together people who would never connect otherwise, and can give so much to one another.

    @ Claire - Thank you, Dory! ;P


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