July 28, 2010

Cabin Fever

          Remember the good 'ole days? When your mom would yell at you to go play outside? Me, too. I wish I could do the same with my daughter. She's too young, of course, to go outside unsupervised. So I just wish WE could go outside. But with temperatures in the upper 90s and heat indices in the 100s, it just isn't happening right now.
          My daughter doesn't seem to realize she was born in The South, and will likely spend all her formative years here. After five minutes of being out in the Florida heat, she is beet red and soaked in sweat. Another five minutes and she is panting like a dog. So in this record-breaking heat we've been having, we're not spending a lot of time outside.
          Which means we're spending it inside. Which is starting to get to both of us. We are suffering from a serious case of cabin fever. The other day, my daughter went to the back door and was whining to go out on the deck. I told her it was too hot (heat index of 110 that day.) Whining turned in to a full on tantrum. And then, she ran into my bedroom and began to empty the contents of my unmentionables drawer all over the floor.
          There are plenty of fun things you can do inside. Play at the baby gym we belong to. Story time at the library. Play dates. Tea parties. Dance parties. But I think we are both missing the things you do outside. The zoo. The park. Even walking through the neighborhood, which we did every day with our dog in the good weather. We are missing our daily dose of fresh air.
          Not even a trip to the pool is refreshing; the water is as hot as bath tub. It rivals our hot tub. It's miserable. I can fill my daughter's baby pool with cold water daily. She loves it. But while she plays in it, I have to sit and swelter. Not really something I enjoy.
          I'm going a little crazy. And this is only my daughter's second summer! Moms, how to do you keep your little ones entertained, happy and properly stimulated when the mercury rises? What kinds of inside activities would those of you with experience recommend for an active 19 month old? Please help! This mom is suffering!

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  1. I am so with you on the cabin fever. We used to go for a walk around the neighborhood every day, but with this heat, it's just not possible! My waistline has suffered greatly for it. We're always up for a playdate, as you know :)

  2. I would have creative play and creative clean-up. I moved everything out of the kitchen eating area and moved in their little kid table. I covered it in paper and let them finger paint (or shaving cream or any art project that was messy and tactile) - it was usually their bodies that were hit more than the paper. When they were done, outside to the hose. It was hilarious and they got a few minutes of outside time and so did I. Not much, but it's an idea. Good luck, this summer has been brutal. We are in CT and I don't ever remember a summer so hot. Over 90 for a month now.
    Good luck and remember, you can always sit outside with a nice frozen cocktail to cool yourself!

  3. We do indoor water play in a sink. Fill the sink, give her a few cups/spoons/etc., and let her pour them back and forth. Put a towel under her to keep them dry. Kids love water, but that way you don't have to swelter.

  4. When my boys were little I would take them to a nearby mall, not to shop but because it had fun things to do - a very small train to ride, a carousel and a toddler climbing place. I would do a few laps around with a child in a stroller and they'd get to play. You could even go early and mall walk. To cap it off we'd have lunch at the food court or get a pretzel and lemonade. Now we have lots of those indoor inflatable play places which is good for a few hours to get the wiggles out. At home, we used to spend a lot of time building forts with dining chairs and assorted blankets. We also would play in the tub. Hope these help somewhat.

  5. I am suddenly reminded of my blessings. First off, I live in the NW so our hot weather doesn't last as long. Secondly, my kiddos will spend hours coloring or playing with Legos.

    Sorry I'm of no use to you... {hug & cold drink}

  6. @ Mungee's Ma - Let's do it!

    @ Kathryn - I like it! Definitely something we can do. Thanks!

    @ Jessica Anne - Totally! DD would love that!

    @ Suzanne - Very good suggestions. I would have to get over my aversion to malls to do the first one. I hate malls. HATE them!

    @ Kristina - DD is only 19 mo. Doesn't have the attention span to do anything for hours. We have started coloring and she loves it. Mostly eats the crayons, though. LOL

  7. Hmmm.... it's been a long time since I've had a 19 mo.old! But I sure can sympathize. I've lived in Florida for 19 years and my kids have not known anything else. And we are all white as a sheet, so frolicking in the sun isn't always all that fun. We always end up burned!

    I always did those Mommy&Me Library things. One thing you might consider is getting a slip n' slide at Walmart. You hook the hose up to it (and that water can be really cold!) and put some dishsoap on the slide. Tons of fun! And more refreshing than that bath water pool!

    Hang in there -- and thanks for visiting my blog today! Following now!

  8. I hate to admit it . . . but . . . SpongeBob.

    (we live in South Texas - I know what you mean about heat and humidity)

  9. I am not above filling the bathtub when they aren't in need of a bath. I would take a book in there, sit on the floor while they played, and read.

    Yup, I did.

    Now that they are 3 and 7, I shoo them outside and leave them to their devices with the hose and a couple of water guns. And lots of sunscreen!

    We are so cold here in CA that my son got kicked out of his swim lesson today bc his lips were blue. "Um, ma'am, I think your son needs to get out of the water. He's shivering uncontrollably."

  10. @ Melinda - Thanks for the suggestions, and the follow!

    @ Stacey - I'm sorry; I can't deal with SpongeBob. Too obnoxious. LOL We try really hard to limit TV time to one hour a day, and only PBS, since most of those shows have some educational value. At least for now...

    @ Adelle - I told you I would trade you for weather! ;)

  11. Honestly? I jump in the baby pool with them. And sometimes I put the pool under shade and jump in with them. Yes, I look ridiculous, but I'm happy. And they are, too. So I just let the neighbors giggle. Sometimes I do the sprinkler, too. And we walk during the evening hours when the sun isn't at it's peak -- around 7-7:30 right now here in IL.
    Good luck!

  12. Get an old fashioned sprinkler (or turn yours on), Isabelah and Emajean LOVE running through them. As far as staying inside... Dance party, dance party, dance party! We are pretty much our own little band at this point. With the Barbie electric guitar, the key board, and multiple other little noisy things, the girls (and I) spend a lot of time just being crazy with music. Oh and as far as being outside and hot when she's outside, one word. Misters. Yep, we've got them, use them, love them! :) Georgia

  13. @ Hyacynth - The pool I bought is way too small for me. Should have gotten a bigger one.

    @ Georgia - Oh yeah, we have dance parties all the time. And we pretend to be a rock band, only we don't have any fancy Barbie instruments. ;) We use pots and pans and cookie tins. As far as the sprinkler fun, that's a classic. But we can only run sprinklers on Wednesday and Saturday before 10AM or after 4PM. So we'll have to work it in to those times.

  14. I love summer. Of course, I live in Nebraska where the heat is always dry and rarely gets above 100. I have a heckuva time staying warm in the winter, so I crave the summer heat all the way from October through April. Maybe I should think about moving south!

  15. @ K.M. - I spent most of my life in Missouri, dealing with winter. I don't miss that at all! LOL And, to be fair, I can be outside and be comfortable most of the year here in NE FL. Just not at the moment. ;)

  16. Man, I miss the south. Every time I take Husband back there to visit, the humidity knocks him out (he's from California.)

    I, on the other hand, bound along happily, pleased to have escaped the dry desert heat of the West.

  17. @ Margaret - The dryness kills my sinuses. No sooner do I arrive in the desert, then I get terrible nosebleeds! I'll take the humidity, thanks! ;)


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