June 23, 2010

A Snapshot of Moms in America

          As I was working on my book proposal, I gathered some stats on moms in America. I was, of course, working to demonstrate that there is a sizable and established market for my book. Essential if I hope to get a publisher to commit.
          Personally, I have never put much stock in statistics. They don't tell the whole story. The danger also exists that people will make assumptions based on those numbers or the labels often assigned to them. And I really dislike labels.
          What statistics do is provide a quick, sometimes convenient high-level overview. So based on my research, here is a snapshot of moms in America. I thought some of you might find it interesting:
  • There are more than 82 million moms in the U.S.
  • 4 million American women have babies each year
  • Over 80% of women age 40-44 are moms
  • 55% of moms w/infants work
  • 72% of moms w/out infants work
  • 5.6 million moms stay at home with their children
          Of course, no one likes to be a number. We are human beings, each of us a unique individual. But did you look at any of the statistics above to see where you fit in? What do statistics mean to you?


  1. I'm a mom who works outside the home, but my children are young adults--so it doesn't have the same meaning. However, I worked outside the home when they were young, as well. I had it easy, compared to many, because I had consistent daycare, a husband who could be flexible and a job as a teacher which gave me lots of time with the kids. If I had to commute and do the corporate thing...no way.

    I always thought, as a term, working mother is somewhat inaccurate...all moms work, don't you think?

  2. @ Jeannie - Yes, we all do. I hate the SAHM label, too. I just don't like having labels. We are all MOMS. That's where the focus should be, in my opinion.

  3. I am a mom with an infant. I work. I do not work for money, but I still work. I get what you mean about the labels.

  4. @ Jodi - I have seen multiple estimates of what a mom would make if she got paid. It's a whole lotta $! LOL


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