June 7, 2010

The books are back!

          Our empty bookshelf is full again! All the books have come out of hiding and been returned in their rightful place. How is this possible so soon? The bookshelf itself has been transplanted to another room. You see, our little bookworm has been working very hard on her climbing skills. And the bookshelf was too dangerous.
          My husband moved it upstairs, to what you might call the home office, which is a child-free zone. Now there is a large, empty space in our bedroom. It just feels wrong. I can't stop looking at it. The blank white wall. The asymmetry. The unzen-like quality. This is the room where I currently write. But the vibe feels off now. If I could somehow turn my desk around so it faced the painting of the beach framed in the old, weathered window, I might feel better.
          The room where our books now reside used to be known as "The Man Cave." But its status has long since been downgraded. Ever since our daughter was born, we have needed to move more and more stuff into that room. We only have so much space in the house. The way I look at it, it is a far better place for my husband to hang out than the dining room, which is where he had his computer, workout equipment and books when I first moved in.
          I am thinking I will be taking over the room upstairs, whatever you'd like to call it, as my new writing space. Our bedroom suddenly seems very stark. Plus, the deeper I get in to my book, the more I need his 24 inch monitor. Constantly looking at/scrolling through a laptop screen is really starting to get to me. And, he has a much more comfortable chair up there. (No, I did not get the new desk chair for Mother's Day I wanted. Chairs with wheels and toddlers who climb do not mix well. And our bedroom is not a child free zone - by day anyway.)
          What is your writing space like? Do you even have a dedicated space? How important do you think it is? 


  1. Good morning, Elizabeth! My writing space is anywhere I can hide. LOL!! Seriously, sometimes I find myself writing in our kitchen, the laundry room, and most recently...the guest bathroom. But when my little ones are napping, I sit at the computer desk in our family room and type as fast as my long fingers can move.

    You should post a picture of your writing space when you've finished arranging everything. Rachelle Gardner did this on her blog and it was really cool. Have a happy writing day!:) Tory

  2. You know you are loving every minute of your toddler's adventures. You'll write wherever you can find the space and whenever you can find the time. I always work at the old teacher's desk in our E-room, or since we went MacBook, at the card table set up in front of the E-room's window that looks out at Hope' house. Haven't done much writing since we've been traveling, except our own blog. Just updated the "Following the Trail of the Whispering Giants" posting with the ones we've found thru yesterday.

  3. @ Tory - I am like you. I write anywhere/anytime I can. I'm happy to know I am not the only one who has written in the bathroom. ;P

    @ Sharon & Mike - I have seen you in that front room late @ night, the glow of your laptop shining on your face. LOL

  4. Ha, I'm doing a post on my writing space, soon! It's a desk pushed against the wall where the dining room table used to be. The table is in the garage in order to make room for the treadmill and my desk. I have two little ones, one is special needs, and there is absolutely no way that I can close myself off while I write. I'm in the middle of the action.

    I have wild fantasies of my own sunny office with a door that actually closes and (heaven forbid!) locks. But that's many years coming. Still, my space is a happy place. I really enjoyed reading your post.


  5. @ Mercedes - Sounds like your dining room is just like ours used to be. LOL I like having at least one adult room in the house that hasn't been taken over by kid stuff. ;)

    I think we all have wild fantasies of long, uninterrupted writing time in the ideal setting. Not going to happen, at least for us moms. So we do the best we can.

    If you liked this post, you'll probably enjoy "Feeding your passion" and "Two hours." They deal with the same issues...

  6. Our white kitchen table with a laptop at 5 AM. Okay, that's a lie. At 5:45 AM! But there's something about a white surface...

  7. Hi Elizabeth - I see so much of my own life in this post, with decorating decisions being dictated by roaming kids and an active wish for a space of my own - both literal and metaphorical - to think and write. Right now I write in a corner of our basement. I have a desk, a printer stand, a bookcase, and piles upon piles of papers. I love the idea of decorating it and making it more "me," whatever that means these days!

  8. Right now I'm sitting at our breakfast nook dining table, surround by a highchair, yogurt melts, puffs, the empty package to my new wireless mouse, baby toys and crumbs.

    I think a good writing space is very important and if I had one, maybe I wouldn't feel so frazzled ... and have 10 different tabs open on Firefox that I keep bouncing back and forth between because I can't focus!

  9. @5amthinking - I try my best to be asleep @ that hour! ;)

    @ Kristen - Oooh I miss basements! We don't have those in FL (but did in MO where I grew up). A space of one's own is important, as is time to ourselves. But as moms I think we all find both to be lacking.

    @ Mungee's Ma - You seem to be a very good multi-tasker! It's finding the singular focus that can be such a challenge. I understand that totally.

  10. Ha ha ha, writing space. Ha ha. HA! My laptop screen is broken, and currently hooked up to a monitor. So I am bound to a desk in a shared office with my husband, where the kids come to play games and watch old episodes of Spiderman on Hulu starting at, oh, 6 am. Awesomeness.

    Unzen? Yeah. That about sums up the confines of my house. But it's my home nonetheless, and little by little I am learning to make it work. Learning where I can put my energy into the "decorating" to make it a comfy place to be, kids and all.

  11. @ Sarah - Right now I am sitting on my bed, where I usually write, on my laptop. There is an Elmo table and chair set staring at me. Three sets of huge Elmo eyes facing my direction. From the corner of my own bedroom. How Zen is that? LOL But it is comfortable and quiet, and I'll take it! ;)


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