May 7, 2010

Let life be your muse

          We've had this 2010 Calendar hanging on our bedroom wall for, well, all year now. Just the other day I was walking by and I noticed it is full of "inspirational" quotes. I tend to be pretty skeptical about that sort of thing. Much of the time what other people find inspiring does not move me. But I was surprised and pleased to find I really liked a lot of these quotes.
          One that particularly stood out to me was, "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to the old dimension." Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. I believe that stretching oneself is vital. We should never stop learning. Or growing. New experiences help us to do both. You never know what you will gain. I rarely shy away from the chance.
          As a writer, being stretched by a new experience has often been my muse. One of the most difficult times of my life - being diagnosed with a chronic illness - became the inspiration for my first book. Through which I have been able to help other people come to terms with their own diagnosis. Their letters and emails warm my heart.
          The most difficult decision I have ever made - whether to stay at home with my daughter - is the inspiration for my second book. Writing it has connected me with amazing, fascinating women from all over the country. They have shared their personal stories with me and I truly have been inspired by them.
          Life has been one of my greatest muses. Do you allow it to be yours?
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