May 17, 2010

The empty bookshelf

          My husband and I have this very large, half-empty bookshelf sitting in our bedroom. You see, there's a toddler in the house. And everyone knows toddlers and real books do not mix. Don't get me wrong, our daughter loves books. But she either needs to have board books or be supervised with paper-paged ones. We can never let her get her hands on our books, or they will be history.
          Ever since she could crawl, our books were in peril. The first thing we did was strap a baby gate to the front of the bookshelf. That protected the first shelf and half of the second from her curious little hands. We also positioned a large chair in front of the bookshelf, but that was no deterrent. She simply moved it.
          Next she learned to stand and reach over the gate to grab books on the second shelf and pull them out over the top. This became one of her favorite games. So they had to go. And then in no time at all, since our child is so freakishly tall (seriously, she is WAY off the charts), she was able to reach the third shelf. So we boxed those books up. Now only the top and bottom shelves have books. And it is only a matter of time until the top ones have to disappear for their own protection.
          We miss our books. We'd read the majority of them of course. Probably were not going to re-read them. There were some I had not yet had the opportunity to read. But as the mom of a toddler, one who is trying to write her own book no less, that was not going to happen anytime soon. But our room just does not feel the same without them. 
          We liked having our books around. We were attached to them. Having to box them up and place them in a closet made us sad. You don't think about things like that most of the time. I have walked by the bookshelf hundreds of times without giving it so much as a passing glance. But now, my eyes are drawn to its glaring emptiness every time I am in the room.
          We realize this is all just temporary. One day we will be able to bring many of our prized possessions back out on display (books are not the only thing we have had to part with). And I can start ignoring the bookshelf in the corner again. But for now, I feel I have lost a dear, old friend. Don't tell me you can replace that feeling with an eReader...


  1. I did the same thing, but I filled the lower shelves with her stuff. Once she started walking, though, I learned that toddlers and bookshelves are a bad combination, period. Well, maybe just my toddler and bookshelves. There's a reason I called her The Climber.

  2. We totally lucked out --It took us until #3 to have a page ripper. I still miss having uninterrupted time to read....

  3. The trouble with moving the books and prided possessions is that you learn to not see them and live without them. My youngest is four and I still haven't put all my 'things' back out. I miss my books, guess I better buy a bookshelf, last house they were built in.

    Thanks for the reminder.


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