April 26, 2010

So what are you writing about?

          To date I've been writing about my efforts to get my second book published, but I haven't said much about the work itself. My upcoming book is titled Cease Fire: A Call to End the War that Never Really Was. It looks at the decisions women who were raised during the second wave of feminism make concerning motherhood and addresses the "Mommy Wars" phenomenon. The impetus for writing this book was my sudden and shocking (to me anyway) decision to become a stay-at-home mom.
           Growing up during the 1970s, the last thing I ever aspired to be was a housewife. And yet, last year I chose to forgo my career to stay home with my daughter. Part One, "From Warmonger to Pacifist," explores how I underwent such a drastic transformation. And how I adjusted to the sudden shift from professional woman to full-time mom.
          Part Two, "Tales from the Trenches," tells the stories of fifty-four women I surveyed in preparation for writing the book. I did not originally intend to include any of my survey information. It was simply background research. But the robust dialogue that resulted was so fascinating and provocative it had to be included. Part Two shares my survey results, excerpts from the emails I have received from moms around the country and detailed profiles of five moms I know and admire.

          Throughout this week I will be sharing excerpts from the Introduction of Cease Fire. Check back often and check them out, and be sure to let me know what you think!


  1. I know this great work will be published. From what I've read, I wish I'd had a book like this when I was a full-time mommy 4 decades ago.

  2. It definitely sounds interesting. I've picked up several over the last few years that sounded like they were going to explore the possibility of a cease fire in the mommy wars, but mostly they just took sides.


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