April 30, 2010

And the war rages on

          I hope you have enjoyed the excerpts from my upcoming book. I really appreciated the feedback and positive responses I received! Stick with me and stay tuned. It will be a while yet before this book is published, but I'm committed and I will make it happen. Your support will keep me going over the long haul.       
         I think the timing of my book could not be better. Last week I shared a post about the new wave of Mommy Wars taking place over the blogosphere. This week I turned on my TV and saw this story about cyber bullying among mothers. It makes me glad I did not start a Mommy Blog. Although I'm sure once my book comes out I'll have my own set of detractors.
          What is going on? Is this really as common as these stories are making it out to be? Or is this a case of a small group of people getting a large amount of publicity? I'm thinking about changing the subtitle of my book to "Can't we all just get along?" Geez!

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  1. I love the subject that you're tackling with your writing. I have found it difficult, at times, navigating the waters of relating to other mommies. I learned some hard lessons early on in expecting other moms to be understanding or empathetic to choices i've made or ways that i approach certain parenting issues. I've been surprised time and time again by gut reactions of other moms that are negative and critical. It's very hard not to take these criticisms personally, but i'm slowly developing a thicker skin. Too often i think there's a perception that once a mom decides what's right for her family it must be right for everybody. Maybe that's one of the advantages that i have being an older mother in being able to put it all in perspective and recognizing that what's right for me is not necessarily right for my neighbor. I look forward to reading more of your work :-)


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