January 16, 2015

Snow In The Sunshine State - WHAT?!

One of the things I love about living in Florida is that we can be outside and active nearly year round. And we try to take as many opportunities as we can to enjoy that as a family. Over the winter break,  we took in some area parks:

We visited a national park and learned about the junior ranger program. SB filled out a form with information she learned while visiting the site. Then she was "sworn in," taking an oath and receiving a badge and certificate. She thought it was the Coolest. Thing. Ever.

She also had a blast running around like a wild animal. The girls has a lot of wiggles she needs to get out on a daily basis...

Just a few weeks after we were outside enjoying the sunshine and comfortable temperature, some changes rolled in. Something called a, "Polar Vortex." I'm not a fan. But, being in the Northeast corner of the state, we do get a little touch of winter. In fact, last week we had snow.

Which around here is a Very. Big. Deal. There were reports of flurries all over town. SB spent hours by the window, her eyes to the sky. We did not see any snow here. But the fact it was happening in our city was a very big deal to my Florida native husband and child.

Me? I moved here to get away from all that business. But, I would have loved to watch her experience snow for the first time.

Because seriously, the cuteness level? Off the charts.

January 12, 2015

How To Host A Big Hero 6 Birthday Party

After we saw the movie Big Hero 6 a while back, SB stood up from her seat at the movie theater and declared, "THAT was better than Frozen!" To which my husband and I both replied in unison, "Whoa!"

We asked her why she liked it so much, and her response was, "Because girl super heroes are WAY cooler than princesses."

I agree.

When it came time to plan her 6th birthday party, and SB declared she wanted to hold it at the karate studio she attends weekly, I thought a Big Hero 6 theme would fit perfectly. If you've seen the movie, you will understand why.

She was thrilled!

We got her a Big Hero 6 t-shirt she really wanted for her birthday (with her favorite girl super heroes on it)...

Then I discovered there isn't much merchandise out there designed for parties. Thank goodness for Etsy and the creative people there! And, I had a little creativity up my sleeve as well.

My wonderful friend who bakes amazing treats took a photo I found and made these awesome Baymax cupcakes:

Using a design I purchased and downloaded from Etsy, I printed labels and affixed them to white gift bags and balloons:

I found a few Big Hero 6 themed items I could use in the gift bags, then some others that were not branded but fit very well. Like the color your own super hero mask. The kids LOVED those! And I thought the super hero lollipops were adorable...

While the planning of this particular party left me wondering if I ever want to host one again, SB and her friends had a blast. Every single photo I took from the party shows pure joy on the part of the kids. There were many smiles and a lot of laughs. Especially from my child. And that is what it is all about.

January 7, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Six

Learn more about our special Birthday Tree tradition!
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